Dream Big

Parents encourage their kids to dream big. Well, there is a group of young Scripps Ranch singers who has taken that advice to heart. They call themselves Unaccompanied Minors–that’s their nickname–and they are 12 kids from Marshall Middle and Scripps Ranch High schools. They sing a cappella, and when I heard them perform, I was speechless, which is rare for me!

These kids received an extraordinary invitation to sing at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome! But there’s a snag, and maybe you can help them. Check out page 43. Kudos go out to MMS choral director, Katherine Girvin, who “chaperones” the Unaccompanied Minors and donates her time to teach them. She puts her heart in everything she does!

Could you imagine a Neighborhood Watch in Scripps Ranch that helps thwart crimes and helps police arrest suspects? That was the big dream when NW started in our community, and it’s now a reality. There are two recent instances where residents helped police find suspects accused of preying on our neighborhoods. Details are on page 13.

Our new City Council member, Mark Kersey, takes office in early December. Read his letter to Scripps Ranch on page 13, in which he tells us what he will focus on in our community. We welcome Mark and his staff to Scripps Ranch, and we look forward to working with them to make our community’s big dreams become reality.

Meanwhile, we thank Carl DeMaio and his staff for their time serving our community. We appreciate all they have done for Scripps Ranch!

There are many holiday events in our community that have become annual traditions. We hope you enjoy some of them in December.

One “don’t miss” event is the Holiday Tree Lighting on Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4 pm at Jerabek Park. Please bring a toy for the Toys for Tots program to help kids who dream big but whose parents may need help making those dreams come true. More details are in the article on page 13. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit with family and friends.

A new event will be very exciting for the young ones who dream big about spending time with Santa. Now they can have lunch with the big guy! That’s on Friday, Dec. 21. You need to register for this event, so check out the article on page 15 today!

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market. That’s on Saturday, Dec. 15. See page 15.

If you plan to clean out your closet before the new year–to make room for all those new clothes you will get for Christmas or Hanukkah–we’ve got the perfect place for you to take all your items. Jerabek Elementary School is working with a special group to recycle your used clothes and textiles. Page 17 has all the information.

One way to celebrate the holidays is to reach out to those in need. Many of our Scripps Ranch organizations do just that. Starting on page 59, you just may find the perfect fit for you to dream big and help others.

One group that does an amazing job for our community is the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library. They bring so many special programs for people of all ages to our library. See pages 40-41.

With the holiday season in full swing, I get a bit nostalgic and want to stop my kids from growing up so fast. While I still have big dreams for them, I am slowly learning that I need to enjoy the little moments I spend with them… before they go away to college and start their own lives.

My wish for you and your family is that all your dreams come true. Happy holidays, Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor