Defining Community

We start with a very serious—and frightening—crime spree that includes Scripps Ranch. Suspects invade residents’ homes in the middle of the night, usually when people are asleep. They tie up the homeowners, then rob them.

As of press time, police were investigating whether all of the home invasion robberies were committed by the same people. For tips on how to keep your family and home safe, please see page 15. Call 911 immediately if you see suspects trying to open doors in your neighborhood. Let’s keep an eye out for each other, which is the ultimate definition of community.

Another top concern in our neighborhood is the school district plan to bulldoze a campus to build a huge apartment complex. As I’m sure you know by now, the school board voted to approve the proposal for the Innovations Academy site, despite heavy opposition from the community. Page 5 has a look at the next steps.

I want to share with you how residents and community leaders came together and worked countless hours to defeat this proposal. While not successful, it does not negate the incredible effort put into doing what is best for Scripps Ranch.

These people worked behind the scenes to lobby board trustees, develop presentations, and point out the folly in the proposal. Bob Ilko, Lorayne Burley, Emily Dresslar, and Jim Melville stepped up to lead the charge. There were many others—too many to mention. Their collaboration and determination to do what’s right for Scripps Ranch defined community. I’m not sure the fight is over. Stay tuned.

Another area that defines community is how we take care of our youngest residents by ensuring their schools are the best. If one school needs something, they often turn to the community for help. Well, Scripps Ranch High School needs help from all of us. The school’s biggest fundraiser was cancelled this year, which means a significant loss of income. Also, its budget was cut by nearly $40,000.

Even if you don’t have a student at SRHS or kids at all, you may want to help. As you may know, SRHS is the top comprehensive high school in the county. Let’s ensure it stays that way because it means money in all of our pockets. Check out pages 28–29, then please help.

For young women in high school, there’s a scholarship you can apply for from the Scripps Ranch Women’s Athletic Club. Details are on page 35.

Here’s another opportunity for high school and college students. How about working in the office of our beloved State Assembly member Brian Maienschein?! Brian is looking for interns for his district office. What a wonderful opportunity! Find out how to apply on page 17.

Let’s switch gears to another segment of our diverse community—singles. A new organization wants to help you meet people and enjoy activities in your neighborhood. The Active Scripps Ranch Singles invites you to join them. See page 39.

Another way to enjoy the great outdoors is to see what Sustainable Scripps Ranch is up to. The group hosts great events, including star gazing! How fun! That information is on page 9.

A difficult decision many of us face, or may soon face, is whether our elderly parents could stay safely in their homes or if it’s time to live elsewhere. Get information to help make that decision at a presentation hosted by Scripps Ranch 50 Plus. Details are on page 7.

While spring starts this month, some people are already planning for summer! The Scripps Ranch Recreation Center begins registration for terrific camps. Also, there are many new features at the Rec Center. Check out page 17.

When spring starts, so does Daylight Saving Time. The Calendar on page 4 has the specific date. While you’re looking that up, also check out all the events in Scripps Ranch for the next couple of months. The multitude of activities is another aspect that defines our community!

Gloria Tran, Editor