Ready to Help

When I think of heroes, my mind immediately goes to our military, police, and firefighters. People who put their lives on the line to protect us, who are always ready to help. Thank you!

Then, there are everyday heroes. Those people willing to step in and help, no matter the situation. People who run toward danger rather than away from it.

This month we tell you about an everyday hero in our community. Drew Goodwin has the training and uses it whenever he is faced with an emergency. Those situations seem to find him, and he is always ready to help. If I’m ever in an accident, I only hope Drew is there. But he’s really humble about his actions.

When Miramar Ranch Elementary School kindergarten teacher Lana O’Shea was hit by a large tree branch, Drew just happened to be there waiting for his daughter to be dismissed from school. Lana was seriously hurt, but took the hit rather than the children. Thank God she is recovering at home.

On page 14 read more about what happened to Lana and how Drew immediately acted to help her and protect the children. One more note about Drew. He’s a top trainer in Krav Maga—a form of self-defense. After the tragic Chelsea King murder, he quit his job and became a full-time instructor. He said he wanted to teach kids—especially girls—how to defend themselves to help prevent other tragedies. There are young girls in his classes who are really “tough chicks.”

The incident at Miramar Ranch brought to mind tree safety. There are countless trees, especially eucalyptus, throughout our community. So on page 14, find out what is being done at the school to protect children. In addition, we asked an expert arborist how to tell if a tree is dangerous. His tips are also on page 14.

When you look at the Crime Report on page 15, you’ll notice there has been an increase in car break-ins. Our Neighborhood Watch team—who is always ready to help—noticed an upsurge last year during the same time period. They don’t know why, but they give tips to help you avoid becoming a victim. That’s on page 15.

Okay, moving on to what’s happening in our community. The wildly popular Community Garage Sale is this month. You can clean out your home while finding other people’s treasures at the same time. Details are on page 16.

The following weekend is our spring Clean-Up Day. If you didn’t sell it at the Garage Sale, you can get rid of it. That information is also on page 16.

If you have a child going to Marshall Middle School next year, you may want to consider signing up for the Parent-Paid Bus Program, which gets your child to school safely and helps alleviate traffic. There’s a meeting on Wednesday, Apr. 27, and details are on page 16.

The Symphony in the Park Committee is gearing up for another exciting season of concerts in the park. This is a community tradition, and the dates for this summer’s events are on page 17. Be sure to mark them on your calendar, then join your family and friends for a great time!

As I was putting together our Organizations section, I thought about how lucky we are to have so much to do in Scripps Ranch. There’s something for everyone. Enjoy the theater, hiking, gardening, helping others? Yep, there’s a group for that. Want to improve your public speaking or meet other Scripps singles? That’s there too! It all starts on page 53.

This month our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch shines on someone many people know—Scoutmaster Bryon Solberg. He was honored with an incredible award. It was not given solely for the indelible mark he has left on the Boys Scouts or scouts he mentors, who he’s always ready to help. He’s also an inspiration and example of how not to let obstacles—even big ones—stop you from your life’s purpose. Read about Bryon on page 39. Congratulations, my friend. See, I told you I’m not worthy!

Gloria Tran, Editor