A Village of Volunteers

Hollywood may have the Oscars, but Scripps Ranch has its own version of the best of the best: Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) Recognition Night. It’s when we honor the village of volunteers who make our community so special.

Do you recall at the 2014 Academy Awards when Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with superstars? It’s the most retweeted selfie—more than 3.3 million times. Well, our school board trustee Kevin Beiser and I wanted to do our own selfie with some of our community superstars. It didn’t get as many retweets as Ellen’s, but it’s a fun picture that shows the lighthearted side of our leaders. Thank you to all of them who helped thank our volunteers.

Let’s turn to the other huge stars of Recognition Night, our village of volunteers! We can’t wait for you to “meet” our Citizen of the Year, Andy Nicholas, who has been an active resident since 1983! Check out just some of his accomplishments on page 28, then thank him when you see him out and about. Congratulations, Andy!

We have seven pages dedicated to Recognition Night. It all starts on page 28. We hope you enjoy reading about the people who make our community the best in the country—I’m honest…and biased!

Our big event this month is our Community Fair, one of the SRCA’s largest events, put on by a village of volunteers. Be sure to join your friends and neighbors on Sunday, May 15, at the Community Park. Pages 36 and 37 have all the details. Don’t miss this fun day!

Another special event is in the planning stages—the 4th of July Parade. Join the parade by sending in the form on page 11.

We need to switch to serious news now: the attempted kidnapping of two children walking home from school. As of press time, there was no arrest, but on page 19 the SRCA Neighborhood Watch has some ways to help protect your children.

Given the importance of school funding, there is a community meeting to get your input. Please attend! See page 19.

I often get asked if the huge apartment project at the Innovations Academy site is a done deal. On page 19 read about a new group that continues to fight it.

May brings us Mother’s Day. I personally want to thank my “village” of moms who are always there to help. You know who you are! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all Scripps Ranch moms!

Gloria Tran, Editor