An All-Star Community

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Anonymous, although at times attributed to Albert Einstein


This is one of my favorite quotes and what it means to me is that everyone is an “all-star” in his or her own way. And that is what the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s (SRCA) 4th of July Parade theme is about. Not only do we live in an all-star community, but so many residents are all-stars in supporting Scripps Ranch.

So be sure to come out and join the biggest Scripps Ranch event of the year. It’s a chance for you to spend time with friends, family, and neighbors, and cheer on your favorite all-star parade participant. From homemade floats to marching bands to the ever-popular Society for the Preservation of the Middle Class—one of my favorites!—it’s a great time to see all that your community has to offer.

Check out pages 30-31 for all the information you need, as well as the parade route map. Police ask that you not place chairs or blankets on the sidewalks prior to 6 am on July 4, so as not to block the pedestrian right-of-way.

I often tout everything your SRCA does for you. The 4th of July Parade is a prime example of a top-notch event put on by this all-star group of volunteers. Now we are introducing you to SRCA volunteer board members, so you can put faces to names, then contact them for anything you need in your community. See page 5.

There’s a possible traffic delay in our community. Construction is starting at the Miramar Water Treatment Plant on Scripps Lake Drive. Find out how your commute may be affected in the Scripps Ranch Planning Group report on page 19.

The Scripps Ranch Theatre (SRT) has an all-star lineup of plays written by local playwrights and having something to do with San Diego. If you have never been to a SRT performance, you are missing out! And this festival is such a unique opportunity to see new work. Check out the details on page 43, then get your tickets!

Our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch this month is a touching story about how one person can inspire others. Find out the poignant reason a Scripps Ranch Girl Scout troop decided to take on a project and help a special group of people. Read about these all-star girls on page 33.

The summer is a great time to help students prepare for the SAT. Yes, I realize kids may not appreciate my mentioning this! But if you have been through this—or are in the midst of it—you know how pricey some programs are. Well, the Scripps Ranch Library is hosting a free SAT Prep Camp for kids going into grades 9–12. Check out page 45 for this incredible opportunity to get a jump-start on acing these critical tests.

We know that Scripps Ranch has all-star students, but what I love about this community is that there are all-stars in every area at our high school. If you check out page 21, you’ll read about all-star athletic teams, academic achievements, and even exemplary standouts in theater. We are so proud of all students who do their best in whatever skill they excel!

Just a reminder that students who attend San Diego Unified schools go back to class earlier than in past years. Kids return to school on Monday, Aug. 29, which is before Labor Day. I know it cuts down vacation by a week, but look at it this way: you go to school for one week, then get a three-day weekend, so you can ease back into the schedule!

As we enjoy these lazy days of summer, some of you may want to try new things, get involved in new groups, or find new activities for the kids. We have all the information you need about our all-star organizations, sports leagues, and Scouts right here in the SRCA Newsletter. Enjoy a glass of lemonade as you thumb through the pages and find your new passion!

Gloria Tran, Editor