“Don’t Just Fly, Soar!”

The above quote is from the Disney character Dumbo. And it speaks volumes about what this community does and how it takes on challenges.

A perfect example is when Scripps Ranch High School wanted to change its street name to Falcon Way to reflect its mascot. To say the principal and students ran into obstacles is an understatement, but they didn’t give up and came to the Scripps Ranch Civic Association for help.

It took quite awhile, and the help and determination of a number of people, but it is finally happening! Check out page 5 for more details and when the official unveiling takes place. At SRHS those Falcons don’t just fly, they soar!

The cover photo was fun to organize, especially with all the students. To get a behind-the-scenes look at our cover shoot, go to www.scrippsranch.org/covershoot for a short video by our SRCA Newsletter videographer, the amazing Jerry Yang.

As kids head back to school, it’s the beginning and the end for at least one family. As one of our high school writers, Quinn Gorham, enters his senior year, his younger brother starts at SRHS. So Quinn gives his brother—and all freshmen—advice on how to soar like a Falcon. Check out his great tips on page 21.

You may have noticed blue ribbons tied around trees and street signs in Scripps Ranch. The SRCA started doing this to show support for “America’s finest” police after the heartbreaking murder of officer Jonathan De Guzman.

We encourage you to tie a blue ribbon around trees or signs in front of your home and in your neighborhood—not in street medians please. Let’s blanket Scripps Ranch with blue ribbons so when police drive through our community, they know how much we appreciate them.

The summer and fall are traditionally “fire season,” but we all know that fire season is really all year long in Scripps Ranch. It pays to be prepared. Fire safety and preparedness are just some of the topics of the Scripps Ranch Expo: Creating a Safer and Smarter Community. It also focuses on energy and water conservation.

Don’t miss this important community event on Saturday, Sept. 24. Check out the centerfold on pages 28 and 29 and be sure to mark this on your calendar. It’s hosted by the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council and Sustainable Scripps Ranch.

In an effort to continue to conserve water but allow you to keep your landscaping green, a new recycled water fill station has opened in Scripps Ranch. See page 15.

Without question, the issue I am asked about most is the proposed four-story apartment complex at the Innovations Academy site. While it’s not a done deal, it’s pretty close. Luckily, some of the most enterprising minds in our community are working on ways to stop the project.

Check out the latest from the grassroots group Voice of Scripps Ranch (VOSR) on page 15. Also, VOSR will give an update on its progress at the next SRCA meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Please come hear about what’s going on. When our residents face an obstacle, they soar to new heights to resolve the issue.

The second most talked about concern is speeding. Please slow down. In my neighborhood, kids play in the streets, and if you’re unfamiliar with the area you won’t see them in time to stop. As our beloved Bob Dingeman says in his What’s Happening on page 11, give the kids a brake, especially as school starts.

The Scripps Ranch Theatre (SRT) opens its new season this month with a play nominated for six Tony Awards. Plus, if you support the SRT, you might win a cruise for two! Details are on page 39.

Last month we featured Scripps Ranch Olympian Nicole Ahsinger on our cover. There were two more young ladies from our community—Jennifer Valente and Jordan Mageo—who also competed in Rio. Page 17 has details on these athletes who soared to the height of competition.

Gloria Tran, Editor