Look Back

Scripps Ranch is known for its forward-thinking approach to issues that arise in our community. But in 25 years, we may look back on 2016 and be amazed at what was happening.

You see, a time capsule will be buried at the Scripps Ranch Library and will be sealed for 25 years! This will allow future residents to look back on the issues, culture, and spirit of our current time.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in a historic event for th s community. We applaud Scripps Ranch High School senior Brett Benzie for taking on this project as part of his Eagle Scout journey. Go to page 15 and see how to get involved.

One thing I love about Scripps Ranch residents is their constant focus on helping others. So many of our organizations, Scout groups, schools, and sports leagues have philanthropic motivations.

A group that is close to my heart is the Rady Children’s Hospit l Auxiliary. How can you not help children?! The auxiliary is holding a fundraiser that’s focused on fun! The Brewery “Get on Board” Tour is on Sunday, Oct. 23. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy a great afterno n with friends and help children at the same time. That’s a win-win. Page 7 has details.

We have a few wonderful stories about scouts trying to make the world a better place. One young lady is working to teach people about the plastic bag ban, while other girls are choosing to work in a pig sty—literally! Fi d out more about these and other stories on page 35.

What do you get when you have a group of young girls plan a long trip to the East Coast? Would you expect disagreements and confusion? Not with this Girl Scout troop! Read this story on page 33.

Sad news to report: a beloved community member has passed away. Steve Pratt was involved in youth sports for more than 20 years. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

A couple of Steve’s close friends want to look back, remember h s legacy, and have it live on. Please turn to page 15 to see how you can help them honor Steve.

As I’m sure you are aware, this SRCA Newsletter is distributed by mo e than 300 volunteers each month. We want to take a moment to thank a longtime distributor who needs to step away. Tony Manoguerra has delivered the Newsletter for more than 25 years to a portion of Tribuna Avenue. We look back on Tony’s contribution to this community and realize it’s f lks like him who make Scripps Ranch so special. Thank you, Tony!

With a high school senior in my house, we’re in the midst of colle e chaos. As you probably know, the first things colleges look at are GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

We all know those are important, but our Scripps Ranch High School writer this month looks back at when he started high school and realized there is something just as important as grades. Full disclosure: this monthâ €™s writer—Tyler Tran—is my son. But he didn’t get any special treatme t. In fact, I was tougher on him than other writers! Sorry, Ty! See page 22.

I have a deep respect for all of our high school writers. They take on this duty with excitement, despite how busy they are. Looking back two years, James Manso was our contributor…and he’s still writing!

Not only does he have an internship at a national magazine, he†s writing for his college, NYU. Check out his latest column that has to do with looking back and moving forward: www.vergecampus.com/2016/09/freshman-upperclassman-art-transition. Great job, James!

This is a fun month for kids—it’s Halloween time! There are a nu ber of Halloween happenings in our community. Hope you get the chance to attend.

  • Halloween Carnival, pages 30–31
  • Haunted Library, page 49
  • Scripps Ranch Farmers Market Trick-or-Treat, page 17
  • Scripps Ranch Marketplace Halloween fun, page 17

Have a spooky good time this month!

Gloria Tran, Editor