Make Life Easier

Many people use this time of year to look at what they’re thankful for because often we focus on the challenges of life rather than the bright spots. Of course, most people—including me—are grateful for their faith, families, homes, and so forth. This year, however, I want to look at the little things that make a difference for me and, hopefully, other residents and acknowledge folks in the community who simply make life easier.

While all the counselors at Scripps Ranch High School are amazing and I have tried to tell each one individually, I need to thank my sons’ counselor, Matt Johnson. As we approach college for my senior—unfortunately, you may hear more about that journey in the next few months!—I appreciate Matt even more.

He’s the type of counselor who gets to know each kid by name—and he has hundreds under his guidance! He checks in with his students when he walks around during lunch and answers emails in minutes! He makes my life, my kids’ lives, and the lives of hundreds of other Scripps Ranch families so much easier!

I’m grateful for the SRHS seniors who signed on to be part of the SRCA Newsletter family and let the community know what’s going on in the lives of teens. This month, we debut our last “new” writer, Docean Park. She looks at what she thought her life would be like as a senior, and how her misconception may help her in the future. That’s on page 22.

Are you hosting a party soon? Need an off-site location to hold a company workshop or presentation? We have the ideal place! The SRCA Community Center is available to rent. Not having to clean your house AND host a party will make your life so much easier! Check out pages 28–29 for all the details.

Sometimes taking a break from the daily grind helps make life easier. The Scripps Ranch Theatre is the perfect place to enjoy a play and have a good laugh. Its new play, The Fantasticks, starts this month. Page 39 has that information.

The Scripps Ranch Farmers Market has been making life easier for residents for 15 years! Not only can you do your shopping there, but you can meet your friends for a yummy breakfast or lunch. And part of the proceeds helps kids. Happy birthday, Farmers Market! See page 17 for more about this popular tradition.

While crime in our community is low, the SRCA Neighborhood Watch suggests locking doors and getting an alarm or surveillance system. There are many out there, so which one would work for you? Come hear a presentation by alarm expert and Ranch resident Joe Ryan on Wednesday, Nov. 30. More details are on page 15. I’m grateful we have experts in our community who we can turn to for advice and who make our life easier.

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association makes life easier for all residents! It’s never too late to support the SRCA and become a member. This community would not be so amazing without the SRCA! Join at

I am so grateful for Irene at the Vons pharmacy on Scripps Poway Parkway who always goes above and beyond to help you. She works with your insurance and doctor’s office, checks with other pharmacies if Vons doesn’t have your medication, and actually calls you back. Imagine that! Irene is one of those people who just makes your life easier! Irene, thank you for all you do for my family and all Scripps Ranch residents!

Finally, I want to congratulate SRCA webmaster and my friend Greg Minter. Many of you may remember his incredible volunteer work after the Cedar Fire. That “kid,” as I called him, just got promoted to sergeant in the San Diego Police Department. He works out of the Northeastern Division, which serves Scripps Ranch. So if you see him driving around, congratulate him and thank him for making our lives safer!

Happy Thanksgiving, Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor