Scripps Ranch Way of Life

I’m sure you noticed our new color cover! We’re excited to change our cover, and this year will mark a gradual transition to a color cover each month. So, look for changes throughout the year.

We think it’s important to evolve; however, one thing we don’t plan to change is the “community feel” of the Newsletter. Let us know what you think! Send us an email with your feedback at [[email protected]].

What would you think about a “Special Access Pass” to the Scripps Ranch way of life? Would you get one? Well, in a way, our community already has one. Behind the Scripps Ranch “way of life” is the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, more commonly known as the SRCA.

Honestly, without the SRCA, this community would not be what it is. The SRCA is the glue that makes Scripps Ranch one of the most cohesive, outstanding communities in which to live.

The SRCA advocates for our best interests with the city, school district, and state, as well as hosts family events that are now traditions. In addition, it provides funding and support for Scripps Ranch 50 Plus, Sustainable Scripps Ranch, the library, schools, and so much more. YOUR SRCA exists to make YOUR community better.

Now back to that “Special Access Pass.” It’s a figurative reference to what you can do to support the Scripps Ranch way of life. It’s easy to do, but we know many of you put it aside to do “later,” and then forget. So, I’d like to ask you to turn to pages 38 and 39 now and support YOUR SRCA any way you can.

As mentioned, the SRCA uses your donations to support its activities and to strengthen the community. This year, we ask all residents to think about what YOUR SRCA does for you and your family. If you did that for a moment, I’m sure you would take this opportunity to support YOUR SRCA and YOUR community. Thank you from your neighbors and all Scripps Ranch residents.

Another component of the Scripps Ranch way of life is the volunteers who give of their time in countless ways: volunteering in classrooms, coaching, teaching religious education, delivering your SRCA Newsletter, heading up your Neighborhood Watch, and much more.

If you’ve ever thought you would like to thank these special folks but didn’t know just how to do that, we’ve got the answer! Have them honored during the annual Recognition Night–another event sponsored by YOUR SRCA. The ceremony is in March, but we need your nominations now. Please see page 7 for an easy way to thank our extraordinary residents.

Our community has suffered a terrible loss. Sixteen-year-old Jantz Grodzicki passed away after a motocross accident. He was loved and respected by so many people. As is typical with the Scripps Ranch way of life, this community has rallied around his devastated family. Read more about Jantz and his legacy on page 41. Jantz’ parents are exhibiting an extraordinary amount of grace and strength through this awful time.

If you’re ready to get rid of your Christmas tree, please recycle it. In fact, you can have Scripps Ranch High School baseball players help you with that. Check out page 13 for details.

It’s so disappointing when you hear about Christmas decorations being stolen. Really?! On page 15 we have a story that starts out with a stolen wreath. But it ends with a good Samaritan not only following the culprits but holding on to the wreath for a year in order to return it to its proper owner! This person embodies the Scripps Ranch way of life!

My wish for you in 2013 is a year filled with abundant health, happiness, and pure joy! Happy New Year!