Celebrate Goals

I am an unabashed soccer mom. It’s something I am completely proud of, and I cheer loudly for my son and his teammates. OK, very loudly, as my fellow soccer parents—and Northern California residents—can attest!

My son has played soccer since he was 5, and as in all team sports, there have been times to celebrate goals and deal with losses. But there always seems to be a life lesson somewhere. Team sports also lead to incredible bonds on and off the field, among players and parents.

One Scripps Ranch player can confirm the amazing brotherhood formed on our community fields. Tyler Molenaar also has played soccer since he was a young child. In fact, my son and Tyler M.—as I used to refer to him since my son and he share the same name—played together on their first and last soccer teams. In between, they pursued their love of the game in different directions.

The team Tyler M. grew up with helped make up this year’s Scripps Ranch High School Varsity squad. They made it to the CIF playoffs and celebrated many goals. Tyler wrote our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch this month about what his teammates, his brothers really, mean to him. Don’t miss his poignant story on page 22, and find out what the players said to each other in their last huddle!

I have always wanted to write what being a soccer mom has meant to me. While I’m not ready to celebrate that goal just yet because the end is too fresh, I would like to share an article that brought me to tears. I can’t find the author’s name, but here’s the link to Saying Goodbye to the Sideline: http://grownandflown.com/saying-goodbye-sideline.

The SRHS Varsity parents were such a fun group. I never left a game without sharing a good laugh with other parents! To give you an example of the amusing moments, below is dad Ron Marcus “helping” the cheerleaders during halftime of a postseason game!

And if you have ever been on a soccer field and heard a cow bell—yes, a cow bell!—that was Ron. He would ring the bell to celebrate goals! The sidelines led to special times…and special friends.

One of this community’s most popular events is on Saturday, Apr. 22. Get your tickets now for Taste of the Ranch! For one affordable price, you get to enjoy food from many different restaurants, drinks, casino games with play money, and a night out with friends. Pages 30–31 have more details. Special thanks go to co-chairs Jillian Frisbee and Linda Hoover, two longtime community volunteers who restarted this beloved tradition.

Another popular event is the SRCA Community Garage Sale. It’s also on Apr. 22. Get those items tagged and ready! For the things you don’t sell, SRCA Clean-Up Day is the following weekend. Page 15 has the information you need. Celebrate getting rid of your “stuff”!

The annual Egg Hunt is at the Community Park on Thursday, Apr. 6. I remember taking my kids to this fun celebration years ago! Details are on page 17.

It’s time to start planning for summer camps. You will find many at the SR Recreation Center, so check that out. Also, the SR Theatre and YMCA are teaming up for a wonderful Youth Theatre Summer Camp. See page 41.

Have any used books to recycle? The high school Literacy Outreach Club is collecting them to donate to the Salvation Army. Check out page 17.

To those who celebrate Passover or Easter, hope you have a special holiday.

Gloria Tran, Editor