What It Means To Be A Community

It has been a difficult month in Scripps Ranch. But it’s also been a time filled with the overwhelming feeling of unity. These challenging circumstances didn’t drive us apart, they demonstrated that Scripps Ranch residents don’t just say they live in a tight knit “community,” they show what it means to BE a community.

The most recent example is the AP testing fiasco. The way residents came together to write letters, voice their concerns at a community meeting, and work as a team to help fix the issue was beyond impressive. The general sentiment was that kids should not be penalized for the negligence of adults. See page 15 for more. As always, the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Facebook page brought you breaking news about this issue, as it does with all happenings in our community.

The next situation that brought Scripps Ranch together was the search for 85-year-old Taiheng Sun. He went out for his daily walk and disappeared. Residents put aside their personal plans to come out and search for him. Page 15 has more information.

Having been part of the search organizing committee, I can tell you that while his family is devastated that he has not yet been found, they are extremely grateful for the outpouring of help and love from Scripps Ranch. They are one of the kindest families you can ever hope to meet.

As for the search committee, I am so blessed to have gotten to know you. The hours upon hours of time you spent searching for Mr. Sun is only eclipsed by your extraordinary compassion. I was honored to work with you.

Here’s a great reason to come together as a community: National Night Out. This is an annual event where neighbors join forces to be sure criminals know that people on their block watch out for each other. It’s on Tuesday, Aug. 1, so go to www.scrippsranch.org/watch for details and sign up your neighborhood now!

For some fun news, Scripps Ranch has its own Stanley Cup champ—Chad Ruhwedel of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Tradition holds that each member of the winning team gets to take home the Stanley Cup for a day. Chad not only brought it home, he shared it with the community. Talk about a block party! That article is on page 17. Thanks, Chad!

Another group of world champs is from Scripps Ranch High School! The Air Force JROTC Academic Team took home the first place trophy after competing in D.C.! Read about their success on page 15. Congratulations to all of you!

OK, kids, there’s less than one month left of summer! Yes, school starts on Monday, Aug. 28. Parents, for some back to school information, please check out the Schools section, starting on page 25.

Scripps Ranch has an incredible number of young people who become Eagle Scouts and receive their Gold Awards. Our Scouts section highlights some these shining stars. That starts on page 33.

As I mentioned, it’s been a trying month for this community, especially the kids and families whose AP tests were invalidated. However, we need to take a moment to thank those who stepped in immediately to help: Rick Novak, beloved and retired Marshall Middle School principal; Matt Lawson, SRHS vice principal; and Amanda Courtney, SRHS administrative assistant. Also, huge thanks to the SRHS teachers who held review sessions: Eric Batchelor, Patricia Fowler, Leigh Francisco, Judy Hillegas, Goldie Roberts, Erin Scalero, Bergith Weber, and Shirley Miranda, a former Morse HS teacher.

This community—especially the SRHS family—will overcome this challenging time. We always do. We will work to right the wrongs, and the Falcons will soar again…to new heights!

Gloria Tran, Editor