What Can You Do?

I’m going to borrow a concept about fundraising from SRCA president Bob Ilko’s column. Many nonprofit organizations, like the SRCA, schools, and others need to do it, but really don’t like to. Unfortunately, money is what’s needed to make certain things happen.

Bob is right that the SRCA doesn’t like to ask you for a donation, but without the funds, it cannot operate. And the economic downturn has hit nonprofits, such as the SRCA, especially hard. It’s completely understandable as families focus on simply paying their bills.

But now that it appears the economy is on a bit of an upswing, maybe you can help your SRCA continue to operate. What do you get out of it? An incredible community. I didn’t grow up in such an awesome place, but my husband and I feel blessed that we can raise our children in Scrips Ranch.

What can you do? The answer is simple…and easy. And you can do it now! Just go to [www.scrippsranch.org] and donate whatever you can. We ask for $25–more if you can, less if you have to. Thank you in advance for helping keep our community great!

You may notice that this month’s SRCA Newsletter has fewer pages than usual. That’s because the Newsletter is fully funded by advertising, and the fewer advertisers we have, the smaller the Newsletter. What does that mean for you? It means we had to edit the articles more than usual in order to include all the information you need and all the articles and pictures you submitted.

So, what can you do? If you or a friend would like to advertise your business or service in the Newsletter and share your information with all of our Scripps Ranch residents, please contact our awesome ad manager, Melissa Allman, at [[email protected]] or 271-8523. Our rates are the lowest around and you get a special clientele.

Enough of the money talk! Guess who just became an SRCA district representative? Our very own Scripps Ranch librarian, Bob Cronk! Bob lives in the Gateway area–west of Spring Canyon Road and north of Scripps Poway Parkway–and decided to volunteer his time to help his community. Be sure to thank Bob when you stop by our library!

What can you do to get involved? First, find out in which SRCA district you live at [www.scrippsranch.org/documents/SR_MAP_8.pdf]. Then, if you live in District 2 (around Hoyt Park) or District 17 (near St. Gregory’s), we need you to represent your neighborhood!

The empty lot at the southeast corner of Interstate 15 and Scripps Poway Parkway is now being developed into a retail center that will include a theater, restaurants, stores, and more. For all the details, check out our Special Report on pages 14-17, which includes a site map.

What can you do to let your voice be heard on this project? The Special Report has the answer. Huge thanks go out to Dustin Steiner, Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee chair, and Bob Ilko, SRCA president, for their work on this report and their efforts to keep the community informed.

One of my favorite events is coming up–Scripps Ranch High School’s Taste of the Ranch. It’s a wonderful way to sample some of the tastiest food from local restaurants, as well as socialize with friends. Pages 36-37 have all the information. There are a limited number of tickets, so get yours today!

Looking for a fun, inexpensive–often free–outing in our community?! How about a SRHS sports event? Starting this month, we will list all or their home games on page 4 of the Newsletter.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What can you do to celebrate? May I suggest you commit a random act of kindness?!

Gloria Tran, Editor