“Just One”

I borrowed my theme from the resident at the center of our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch this month. “Just one.” That was Drew Goodwin’s answer when he was asked how many people he hoped to help prior to heading to the Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma. Drew has years of search and rescue experience, and his extraordinary story is on page 32. Thank you, Drew, for sharing your skills.

There were many others in our community who helped hurricane victims, including the children at our schools. On page 15 see what one young resident did to help those in need.

Turning to another terrible disaster, you probably know about the wildfires that devastated areas of Northern California. Not only were homes destroyed but lives were lost, something Scripps Ranch was lucky to avoid in the 2003 Cedar Fire.

I know we say this month after month, but it pays to be prepared. Families in these latest fires had literally minutes to escape the flames. We hope it never happens again here, but if it does, having your important items ready to go—and a plan—will make leaving so much faster.

Please see the article by the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council on page 15. They have tips on how you can be ready. Spending just one hour now to collect items you need could save you a lot of heartache if you have to evacuate.

A quick note about last month’s cover picture of the Cedar Fire. We misidentified the photographer. It was taken by resident Gael Courtney. Thank you, Gael.

If you have a student at Scripps Ranch High School or have driven by there in the last few months, I’m sure you’ve seen the construction. So what’s going on? Check out the article on page 21 for specifics.

Do you have any tennis balls that you could spare? While tennis players may have extras, it seems that many people have them laying around in the garage. The Marshall Middle School PE Department needs them. Details are on page 25. They will gladly accept just one…or many!

If you made a resolution to get fit in 2017, you still have two months to meet your goal. Now SRCA president Bob Ilko will help you do just that. He is offering Scripps Ranch residents the Presidential Half-Hour Fitness Challenge. It’s just one half-hour…you can do it! Details and what you could win are on page 5.

In case you haven’t noticed, Bob has done a phenomenal job of getting fit. He has lost a lot of weight and is eating much healthier too. Way to go, Bob!

Thanksgiving starts the holiday season and people always seem to want to find a way to be generous this time of year. In the spirit of giving, Becky’s Gift Toy Drive starts this month. This special collection is for kids suffering from cancer and their families. Yes, just one gift will make a difference. Thanks to Christie Jackson and Becky Walton who are heading this up for the eighth year! Check out page 17.

The holiday season is also The Season of Love. Not coincidentally Scripps Ranch Theatre (SRT) presents the world premiere of this play in November. Details are on page 41. I’m convinced if you see just one show at SRT, you will become a season ticket holder!

Drew’s phrase, “Just one,” reminds me of the Starfish Story written by Loren Eiseley in 1969. You may be familiar with it: A man was walking on a beach, where thousands of starfish had washed up. He came upon a younger man who was throwing starfish back into the ocean, and asked him why he was doing that. The young man said that if he didn’t throw them in, they would die. The man said that there were so many starfish along many miles of coastline that he couldn’t possibly make a difference! As the young man picked up yet another starfish and threw it into the ocean, he said, “It made a difference for that one.”

My wish this holiday season is that we all make a difference for “just one” person. Imagine the ripple effect!

Gloria Tran, Editor