Our Priority is Scripps Ranch

We don’t talk about, we just do it…each and every month. I’m referring to the SRCA Newsletter you are reading. It is a big part of how our community stays informed, and it has been a trusted news source for 48 years. Our priority and focus is Scripps Ranch…always!

The Newsletter is one of the most recognizable products of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). In addition, the SRCA is not only trusted by residents, it is also respected by community leaders and elected officials. What does that mean for you? That you will always have verified information about all things Scripps Ranch.

Why am I talking about it despite my earlier statement? Because as we start a new year, we would like you to consider what this community would be like without the SRCA or the SRCA Newsletter. We don’t expect that to happen, but we need your help to keep the SRCA and the Newsletter doing what we do and keeping Scripps Ranch as our priority.

Will you please consider joining the SRCA? The bottom line is when you support the SRCA, you support your community—and your priority is Scripps Ranch, your home! Just turn to pages 26 and 27 for more about the SRCA Membership Drive and the SRCA Newsletter.

I want to add that the Newsletter was a community institution for decades before I became the editor, and it will continue for decades after. I see my role the way late journalist Tim Russert did when he led the longest running show on television, Meet the Press. Tim, whom I was lucky enough to meet, said he was only the “temporary custodian” of the “national treasure.” I believe I am the “temporary custodian” of a “community treasure,” as many residents refer to the Newsletter.

So let’s move on to issues affecting our community, which is what the Newsletter does each month since our priority is Scripps Ranch. One topic being discussed is later start times for middle and high schools. On page 18 you will read about some of the health affects of early start times, as well as the latest on what’s going on in our community.

We thank Beth McNeill, Start School Later leader, Scripps Ranch resident, and Marshall Middle School parent, as well as MMS teacher and Scripps resident Jean Chalupsky, for their input. Both write about this issue clearly and thoughtfully.

Did you get a surveillance camera as a holiday gift, or do you already have a video security system? It’s a good idea. If you have one, the SRCA Neighborhood Watch suggests you may help fight crime on your block. Find out how on page 14.

I don’t know about you, but the wildfires in Southern California in December—especially the Lilac Fire—brought back horrible fears for me. After living through the Cedar Fire in 2003, any whiff of smoke has me lining up my boxes of important documents near the door.

The Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council’s priority is keeping Scripps Ranch safe. The group has told us repeatedly to be prepared. On page 14 are issues you may not have thought about yet. You may want to consider them before an evacuation.

Now on to happier things. Did you know our Scripps Ranch Library turns 25 in 2018?! There will be a special celebration soon, but you should get your tickets now! Details are on page 35.

A new year seems to be a time to make a change or start something new. As I was putting together the Organizations section, I was thinking how lucky we are to have a variety of groups available that make Scripps Ranch residents their priority. So if you want to make new friends, learn something new, or just have fun, join a Scripps Ranch group! See page 35.

Another way to make Scripps Ranch your priority and make new friends is to get involved with your community. Check out page 5 for some ways you can have fun and help Scripps Ranch!

I hope you make joy a priority in 2018!

Gloria Tran, Editor