Aim High

I borrowed my theme this month from one of our stories, as I often do. “Aim high” was guidance given to San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman. It sounds like career advice, right? But it wasn’t. To find out who gave her that suggestion and why, check out our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 30.

We shine the Spotlight on Shelley because she is a longtime Scripps Ranch resident who has given so much to not only our community but all of San Diego. And she is retiring as police chief soon.

I got the chance to sit down with her and talk about many things, including her life in Scripps Ranch. She shares why she chose to live in this community, how the devastating 2003 Cedar Fire affected her block, her plans after retirement, and the note left on her door by a neighbor.

We thank Shelley for her time. Just a note…yes, she’s the police chief of one of the safest cities in America and we have the utmost respect for her. But to most people in Scripps Ranch, she’s just “Shelley,” which she enjoys. That’s why we refer to her in such a familiar manner.

We have another interview with a community leader, one new to Scripps Ranch. High school principal Nicole DeWitt is aiming high to achieve special goals for our Falcons. As senior Juliana Brozio writes, some of Nicole’s focus will be on goals outside the classroom. Read Juliana’s story on page 20.

It’s time to apply for a community scholarship. SRHS senior girls have the chance to get help with college funding from the Scripps Ranch Women’s Club. Check it out on page 39.

I have a love/hate relationship with this next “event.” Yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. I love the cookies but that means I have to do a lot more walking to work off those calories! Ugh! Don’t worry, it won’t stop me from buying boxes and boxes of cookies from my neighborhood girl scouts. Hope you do the same!

On page 32, see what’s unique about this year’s Cookie Team leader, Amie Lyons. Then, be sure to thank her if you see her in the community!

If you know an amazing community volunteer like Amie, now is the time to thank them. The Scripps Ranch Civic Association is planning its annual Recognition Night event, and we need to hear from you. Please send us the names of folks who aim high and make a difference in Scripps Ranch. The form is on page 7, as is the link to an online document.

We want to thank volunteer Bill Feather for chairing the event this year. He is aiming high for a memorable and fun night, honoring our volunteers!

Scripps Ranch will soon mark another milestone—our beloved library turns 25! There are many celebrations planned, with a special “Evening to Remember.” To find our more about our fabulous library’s history and how to get your tickets to this “don’t miss” event, please turn to pages 28 and 29. Special thanks to Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library members, who always aim high to provide the best for our community.

If you or a friend are no longer driving yet looking for free or inexpensive transportation, be sure to attend the Scripps Ranch 50 Plus discussion that will address this important issue. Details for “Transportation Options for Scripps Ranch Seniors” are on page 7.

It’s the time of year to join or renew your SRCA membership. For just pennies a week, you can support your community! We hope you already know the benefits of joining the SRCA. We aim high to keep your quality of life the best it can be. So please help us by joining today at Thank you!

Scripps Ranch has some of the cutest kids in the world—as a biased mom, I can say that! And we have had some adorable pictures in the SRCA Newsletter, but the one on page 25 made my heart smile! See what you think, then aim high to live out the joy these kids simply radiate!

Gloria Tran, Editor