Empower Our Youth

I’m writing this just after the horrific school shooting in Florida. Of course, this brings to mind safety in our schools. As a longtime member of the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC), an SRCA standing committee, I want to let you know that this group is addressing how to make our sites more secure. We know there is no way to make our campuses 100% safe, but we will empower our youth to help us come up with solutions that will keep everyone as protected as possible.

If you have any ideas, please contact your school principal. We are working with school board president Kevin Beiser and vice president Sharon Whitehurst-Payne to let them know that each school is constantly assessing its safety measures, and if funding is required, we will ask for it. We know both of them are committed to making the safety of kids and teachers the number one priority.

Please keep an eye on the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Facebook page for updated information on this. Be sure to “Like” us so you can always get the latest community news.

Let’s turn to happier school news. We know Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) is one of the top schools in the county. Principal Nicole DeWitt plans to keep it that way, while adding programs that bring more spirit and kindness to campus.

In assemblies and a community meeting, Nicole introduced us to Rachel’s Challenge, a program that empowers our youth to create a positive school culture. In fact, “Rachel’s Challenge at SRHS” had a special proclamation in the city of San Diego. See page 21 for details. Thank you, Nicole, for not only addressing students’ academic needs but their social and emotional ones as well. I’m so excited Nicole is at SRHS! Go Falcons!

This next event is one of my favorites— Taste of the Ranch! It’s a chance for you to “taste” culinary specialties from various restaurants, have a drink, gamble with play money, and spend time with friends. And it benefits the kids at SRHS. I’d call that a definite win-win! Check out pages 28 and 29, then get your tickets before they are sold out. Thank you to volunteer Jillian Frisbee for chairing this event for a second year and putting so much time into making it an awesome party!

I just mentioned that SRHS had a special “day” in the city. Coming up in March, the Scripps Ranch Library gets one to recognize this landmark’s 25th anniversary! There are so many celebrations planned for this month at our beloved library. Get all the details on pages 14 and 39.

Just a quick note, we want to clarify that the architect for our beautiful Scripps Ranch Library was Richard Bundy. In last month’s Newsletter we said it was Robert Quigley. Robert was the architect for the new central library downtown.

There is good news and bad news when it comes to car burglaries. The bad news: thieves have a new “tool” that makes it easier for them to steal your electronics from your car. The good news: there are a couple of simple steps you can take to protect your items. That’s on page 14.

There’s a unique way to make your teen more aware of our year-round fire danger, and it empowers our youth to help with fire preparedness. We ask them to take a survey and enter an essay contest to increase awareness among our young people about keeping our homes and community safe. See page 15 for details.

One of the most popular events in Scripps Ranch is coming up soon—the Communitywide Garage Sale. To find out more, please go to page 15. Don’t miss this day to turn your unneeded items into someone else’s treasures!

It’s always fun when a new play opens at our amazing Scripps Ranch Theatre. This month it’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. See page 43 for that information and get your tickets now!

Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday, Mar. 11. Spring forward, Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor