It’s Better to Give…

…than to receive. I’ll bet most of you have heard this phrase, and, lucky for us, we have a community of people who embodies it. The volunteers honored at Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) Recognition Night all work hard to make Scripps Ranch an incredible community.

Each year the SRCA honors one person as its Citizen of the Year. This resident gives years—sometimes decades—to help our community. This year’s recipient is very dear to the SRCA Newsletter family. It is our very own distribution manager, James Caughey!

Jim, as he is known, heads up a volunteer network of about 300 residents who deliver this Newsletter to you each month. It’s a HUGE task, and Jim does a tremendous job with an amazingly positive attitude. He cares so much that if you email us to report you did not receive your Newsletter, Jim may bring you one himself. Jim, it has been an incredible honor to work with you for the last 13 years. Thank you for all you do!

To read more about Jim, check out page 20. In fact, that’s where our six-page Recognition Night coverage begins, highlighting those honored at this event. And please thank them when you see them at Vons and Starbucks. Scripps Ranch would not be the community we love without our volunteers.

We know summer is almost here when we start to hear about two extremely popular community events. First, the Symphony in the Park concert dates have been announced. Get ready to enjoy fun evenings with friends in Hoyt Park. Check out page 15. We thank the Symphony in the Park Committee for giving us this beloved community tradition year after year.

This next event is truly the most popular one in Scripps Ranch. This year don’t just watch the 4th of July Parade, be part of it! Get with your family and friends and decide on a way to entertain—and give back to—your fellow residents. That information is on page 5.

Now on to some unpleasant news. There were five burglaries in one week in Scripps Ranch, with criminals getting bolder. There is one easy way that is proven to reduce crime, and some neighborhoods already are using it. Please see the article on page 13, then take the lead and give back to your neighbors in a way that does not require much time.

More unpleasant news here. While the electrical transmission line project is winding down, there will be more construction in our community. Find out why from our Scripps Ranch Planning Group chair, Wally Wulfeck, on page 17. Wally has given back to our community for years as part of the planning group and the SRCA. Thank you, Wally!

We know wildfires are now a year-round threat. So don’t miss the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on Saturday, May 5. It’s at our Scripps Ranch Fire Station 37, and it’s hosted by the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council. Bring the kids to tour the station, meet the firefighters, take pictures on the truck, and, most importantly, learn about fire safety. Page 13 has details. We thank Karen Herreros for the time she gives to our community by heading up the SRFSC.

Would you like to know more about the organizations in Scripps Ranch and meet some amazing people? You’re invited to the “Meet & Greet” on Saturday, May 19. See pages 30–31.

If you need, or someone you know needs, access to public transportation, we ask you to take a survey about this issue on page 17. Our community sorely lacks this mode of transportation.

When you shop at some stores this month, you will see a “Miracle Balloon” asking you to help kids at Rady Children’s Hospital. The Scripps Ranch Unit of the hospital’s auxiliary invites you to take a moment and give to a great cause. See page 45. I can’t think of a better way to end…urging you to give to children!

Gloria Tran, Editor