Value Time Together

June is an exciting time, especially for kids graduating from high school and preparing for their next chapter. Meanwhile, it’s bittersweet for parents on the verge of sending their kids off to college. You value your time together so much more. I know. My son, Tyler, just returned home after his first year away.

As you may know, I am the ultimate “Mama Bear.” I thought my heart would literally break when I finally had to let go. But you know what? I was okay! Of course I was sad, but I was so happy for my son as he started his journey.

In his first year Tyler amazed me. He handled so many things on his own, which surprised me! He bonded with incredible people, who I think will be lifelong friends (Tyler is pictured third from left, seated). What more could a mom ask for?!

My son was one of the SRCA Newsletter’s Scripps Ranch High School writers last year. Now he shares a student’s perspective of the first year at college and adjusting to life back at home.

“Coming home after one year of college can be exciting but can also take some getting used to. Some of the best parts of coming home are seeing your family and friends, sleeping in your own bed, and home-cooked meals. It can be an adjustment after a year of living independently and going through this experience with the new friends you made.

Living with rules, chores, and work are things I have to get used to again. Summers in high school were so different from summers in college. In high school you could hang out with your friends without dealing with homework, as you did during the school year.

In college almost everyone has a summer job, and the friends you saw every day live all across the country. This adjustment is difficult for me because I got used to walking down the hall and always having a friend. I guess that is what makes college so special and why people make some of their best friends there.

Going back to college strengthens the bonds you have with those friends because you value time with them even more. It’s the same with your family and the friends at home. Seeing high school friends and hanging out with your family becomes even more important when you only do that for a short time. My first year of college went by so quickly. I need to value the last three years with my college friends more than I did the first.”

Tyler Tran, Gonzaga Sophomore

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We value Scripps Ranch Dads! Happy Father’s Day!

Gloria Tran, Editor