Don’t Worry … Be Happy!

It’s the time of year when you can kick back, relax, and enjoy summer. As Grammy Award winner Bobby McFerrin says, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” And you can be happy at the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s 4th of July Parade—our community’s biggest party of the year! For all the details, see page 7.

We suggest you get there early to find a good spot, but police ask you not to put chairs or blankets on the sidewalks before 6 am on the 4th. They do not want sidewalks blocked, which forces pedestrians to walk in the streets. Thank you and see you at the parade!

While July is a time to put your worries away and be happy—at home or on vacation—there always seems to be news happening in Scripps Ranch. The SRCA Neighborhood Watch reports a sharp increase in car break-ins in the last few weeks. What’s going on? Please check out the article on page 14.

The SRCA reinstituted Neighborhood Watch in our community eight years ago. Find out what triggered this restart on page 5, then to see if NW works, please turn to pages 28 and 29 for some statistics. Be sure to join NW to get verified information about crime on your block.

The San Diego School Board is voting on the four-story apartment complex proposed for the Innovations Academy site. For the very latest on this project, please see the article on page 14 by Voice of Scripps Ranch. We want to send a shout-out to one of the group’s organizers, Lorayne Burley. She has spent literally hundreds of hours—if not more— researching this proposal and working for the reasonable use of this school district property. Thank you, Lorayne!

The Hidden Valley House (HVH) Auxiliary, a Scripps Ranch organization, supports a North County shelter that provides a respite for domestic violence victims and their families. The nonprofit that runs the shelter also operates the only 24-hour toll-free countywide hotline. If you need help or have questions, please call 1-888-385-4657. Page 39 has more details on how to get help…or help others.

There are many ways to serve your community during the summer. Just read through the Newsletter to see some volunteer opportunities. For example, we need help delivering this publication to residents. While it is an essential position, it’s only once a month! To see if you can help, please see the article on page 5. Giving back helps people “be happy”!

There is an amazing new program at Jerabek Elementary School that lets kids create, fail, learn, and be happy in a unique environment. Check out our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 31 to find out about this program. Other Scripps Ranch elementary schools also may bring this program to their campuses.

We want to introduce you to our Spotlight contributor, Cassie Amundson, who will write for us for a couple of months. Cassie lives in Scripps Ranch and is a junior at the University of Florida, but she’s home for the summer.

She is already a talented writer and was awarded a New York Times scholarship through her university’s College of Journalism. We warmly welcome Cassie to the Newsletter family. She has some interesting articles to bring you, including one we’re really “happy” about. We can’t share it just yet…so stay tuned.

There are many fun events going on in Scripps Ranch this summer:

  • Scripps Ranch Theatre holds its Out On A Limb festival, with plays from local playwrights about our city. Check out the great productions starting on page 39.

Then on page 15, information about:

  • Scripps Ranch Theatre summer camp for kids
  • Symphony in the Park concert featuring the uber popular band The Heroes
  • SRCA Movie in the Park

Be happy…it’s summer in Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor