End of an Era

As we approach the start of school, many families are reaching the end of an era. Whether their child is moving from elementary to middle school, middle to high school, or starting college, it’s a new time with exciting, yet stressful, changes. I don’t like change, although I eventually do fine. It’s the anticipation looming over me that I find unsettling, and I hear others feel the same way.

So for all you parents who will send your children off to new schools and new adventures…yes, it will be nerve-wracking, but it also will be fun. It’s the end of an era for your family, but it is the beginning of a new journey, one filled with amazing new experiences.

For all the important Scripps Ranch schools’ dates, check out the Schools section starting on page 20. We want to send a special shout-out to the principals and parent volunteers who took time out of their summer to share the information you need to know. Thank you!

At our wonderful high school there’s a program that doesn’t get as much publicity as it deserves, yet it does incredible work. The Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is not only a class at Scripps Ranch High School, it’s really a leadership institute.

The program is led by phenomenal retired military personnel, instructors MSgt. Ferdinand Toledo and Lt. Col. Michael Sheldon. Their guidance has taken this group to the highest levels in worldwide competitions. Check out our cover story about the JROTC Academic Bowl that won its third world championship in three years! Read more on page 20. Congratulations!

We hope it’s NOT the end of an era for basketball in Scripps Ranch. National Junior Basketball (NJB) is one of the most popular leagues for kids in our community. But now, due to an exorbitant cost increase by the school district, it may mean the end of this program. Please check out page 34 and see if you can help save basketball for our kids.

Did you enjoy the biggest party of the year in Scripps Ranch?! Whether or not you made it to the 4th of July Parade, we have a wrap-up of the event, including the parade winners! Check out page 7 to see how your favorite float or group did. Be sure to also read the article on page 5 that includes a list of the volunteers who made this event possible. Thank you all!

One of the perennial parade winners is the Loire Valley float. This neighborhood is one of the few that submits an entry into the 4th of July Parade. But it’s much more than a float; it’s a neighborhood tradition. Our college writer, Cassie Amundson, grew up taking part in the Loire Valley festivities and shares some special memories from her childhood. Enjoy this Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 29.

While many kids love to swim, sadly, drowning is the number one cause of death for kids ages 1–5 in San Diego County. Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Scripps Ranch Unit shares tips on how to prevent this tragedy on page 41.

Here’s a tip you may want to use right away. Sustainable Scripps Ranch suggests a way to use your air conditioning during our scorching summer days, yet save energy and money! See page 11 for an easy way to do both. Hopefully, it will be the end of an era to your high energy bills in the summer!

Have you ever had an amazing work partner who you could always rely on? The SRCA Newsletter has been lucky enough to enjoy that type of relationship with our printer for more than 40 years. Western Press is a family owned business that has printed our publication since it began.

Unfortunately, it’s time to move the Newsletter in a new direction, which means the end of an era. We want to send huge thanks to the Hulley family—Jack, Brenda, Paul, and Nick—and Mike Bezaire and the rest of the gang. If you need a great printer, we highly recommend Western Press! We love you!

Gloria Tran, Editor