Be the Change

The weather has been cold lately–yes, I mean, for San Diego!–so air conditioning hasn’t been top of mind. However, to those working to get air conditioning in our hot Scripps Ranch schools, it has been a major focus.

Finally, after years of advocating for the health and safety of our children, relief is on the way! This was never about our kids “sweating.” It has always been about dangerous heat-related health issues that sent kids to the nurse’s office and had them passing out and suffering other serious problems.

Our school board trustee, Kevin Beiser, saw the gravity of the situation and fought hard for our kids, as well as for kids across the district who suffer in hot classrooms. On page 15 his article spells out what we can expect for our schools now that help is on the way. Thank you, Kevin, for being our advocate and working with the community to get the best for all kids.

Thanks also to the hundreds of you who emailed the board and told them your stories. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Well, Scripps Ranch, you succeeded, and you did it for the kids!

Kevin thanks many people in his article, but I want to mention Dingeman Elementary School’s Family Faculty Association president, Jaylene Farry, who helped rally parents. She also took the cover photo of Mrs. Russell’s adorable 2nd grade class. We’re glad relief is on the way for them…and all kids!

The people in Scripps Ranch who will be the “change” that is needed are our community volunteers. This month, we say a collective “thank you” to our awesome volunteers at the annual Recognition Night. It’s on Wednesday, Mar. 6, at 6:30 pm in the Marshall Middle School theater. Don’t miss it!

If you have decided to become one of our community treasures–a volunteer–there are so many opportunities from which you can choose. Find your passion, then go for it. There is a variety of needs, which you can see on page 73. This will certainly give you the chance to “be the change” we need!

Our young people hold so much promise, especially the youth in Scripps Ranch. Now, some local organizations are offering our high school seniors scholarships so the kids could “be the change” that’s needed. Kids, apply now! Check out page 19 for details.

It’s one of the most popular events on the Ranch: the Community Garage Sale, and it’s coming up on Saturday, Apr. 20. This gives you time to figure out what you can do without. More details are on page 19. Thanks to Coldwell Banker Residential for sponsoring this event each year.

Are we on the verge of losing the proposed retirement village in Scripps Ranch? There are zoning debates that may affect whether or not this project comes to fruition. Check out page 23 to get up to speed on this issue.

It’s an experience many of our kids may not have had…and many of us may not have done for years–ride a public bus. Would you do that if there were bus stops in Scripps Ranch? Tell us by taking a survey. Details are on page 9.

This month we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our beloved Scripps Ranch Library! Many events will be held to give you a chance to join the festivities! Information is on page 63.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the SRCA is the change we want to see in our community. I wish you knew how hard SRCA volunteers work behind the scenes to keep Scripps Ranch so great. Can you help…even a little bit? Check out page 5 and see how easy it is! We know we can keep this community strong–when we work together!

Gloria Tran, Editor