When I was the newscast producer for the 11 pm news at ABC7 in Los Angeles, it was a fun environment in which to work. Since most people had left for the day and it was a tight-knit crew, there was a much more laid-back atmosphere.

We often had breaking news, which usually meant adjustments to most people’s work assignments. Therefore, to let everyone know that there was something going on, I would get on the overhead paging system and start to sing David Bowie’s song Changes.

I’m setting up this scene so you can imagine me singing Changes—not well, mind you!—right now. Yes, I’m announcing ch-ch-ch-ch-changes for the SRCA Newsletter! I’m sure you noticed the new full-color publication. We are excited to bring you these ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to better serve you.

We know many people refer to the SRCA Newsletter as “The Green Book”— yes, you, John Lancia!—and we’re fine with that. We’ll know what you’re talking about. Let us know what you think at [email protected]

While the look of the Newsletter has changed, there are aspects we promise will never change. We will continue to cover the news that is most important to you: crime, development, events, and so much more. We will continue to cover every topic with integrity and fairness. We will continue to verify information with the many official sources we have cultivated over the years. And as we have been for almost half a century, we will continue to be the “Official News Source for Scripps Ranch.”

Now on to what’s happening. You may know the phrase “What’s Happening,” as the name of the column penned by our beloved community leader, Col. Bob Dingeman. Bob has written these articles in every single issue for more than 40 years. I remember a few years ago when Bob and his wonderful wife, Gaye, were in a traffic accident. While in a rehab hospital and because it was difficult for him to write, he recorded his articles for me to transcribe. That’s dedication!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…but every great thing must come to an end. Bob has decided to end his column and “retire” at the young age of 96. You never know, he may decide to write an article every now and then—hint, hint, Bob!

Check out Bob’s last column on page 12, and we have a surprise for you and him that we hope you like. I personally want to thank Bob for being an incredible mentor and for teaching me the “Scripps Ranch Way.” To Bob and Gaye, I hope you know how much I love you both!

Our community has many “superstars” who make Scripps Ranch what it is. But we also have a true television star who credits his Scripps Ranch upbringing for giving him a solid background and confidence to take on the tough world of show biz—Kyle Mooney.

The Saturday Night Live star grew up in Scripps Ranch, attending all of our schools, and his family still lives here. Read our cover story about Kyle on page 32. Thank you to Kyle’s dad, Brian, for providing us with some great pictures of Kyle and the Mooney family.

The story about Kyle was written by college student and Scripps Ranch resident Cassie Amundson. She is back at school but spent her summer as a guest writer for us. Cassie, you did an awesome job, and we hope you come write for us again!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…if you have a problem or concern that needs attention from our City Council representative, now it’s much easier to have your voice heard without going downtown. Check out page 17 for details.

We want to send a shout-out and thank you to Scripps Ranch resident Kevin Stephens. He is “retiring” from his volunteer job delivering the SRCA Newsletter to his neighbors for 22 years! Kevin, it’s people like you who make Scripps Ranch such a special place!

Gloria Tran, Editor