Pulse of a Community

When you think about the “pulse of our community,” I hope you think about the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). For nearly half a century it is the group that makes this community such a great place to live. The SRCA is made up of your friends and neighbors—a group of hard-working volunteers and members who make Scripps Ranch their priority.

When there is an issue facing Scripps Ranch, who has the pulse of the community and who do people turn to for information and help? The SRCA, of course.

When the Jerabek Park fields are ruined by vandals driving circles on the wet grass, who offers a reward for their arrest? The SRCA. (See page 15.)

When there is a big event on the Ranch, who is probably paying for it? The SRCA.

When there is breaking news, where do people turn? The SRCA.

When a new development project is being considered in Scripps Ranch, where do residents look for information? The SRCA Newsletter, your official source for news in Scripps Ranch.

I think you get my point. But what you may not realize is that we need all of you to do one small thing in order to continue this valuable resource that is the pulse of the community. Join! That’s right, we need you to become an SRCA member. It’s so easy to do. Please check out pages 30–31 for information, including how to join right now! We thank you in advance. And if you want to work with this tireless group of volunteers, you can do that too.

Another thing the SRCA does is fund scholarships for graduating Scripps Ranch High School seniors. This year, two amazing young people are the recipients. Congratulations to Ashwin Kumar and Haley Nguyen. In their young lifetimes, they have become the pulse of their community in their own way. Check out their scholarship essays starting on page 6.

The massive apartment project planned for the current Innovations Academy site is an issue this community has dealt with for a couple of years. The San Diego Unified School Board voted to remove a thriving school in order to build a four-story apartment complex.

Now two Scripps Ranch residents are working to put together a legal challenge to this monstrosity. Please read the article on page 15 to see what you can do to help.

Do you know a volunteer who contributes to Scripps Ranch and is part of the pulse of the community? We want to hear about him or her. It’s that time of year to honor your favorite volunteer or volunteers. See the article on page 5 and send us the names of awesome people!

I think I’m lucky that I get to read about everything going on in the community as part of my job as editor. Each month I am amazed at all that goes on and all the good things being done by our residents.

And each month I have a few stories or pictures that I want to point out. For example, there’s a group that I hope to join one day: the Philanthropic Chicks of Scripps Ranch. Besides loving the name, I am in awe of their contributions to those in need. Read more on page 44, then join!

Then there is the Scripps Ranch High School Air Force Junior ROTC Food Drive. Not only did they collect a record amount of food for those in need, there is a picture of the group with all the food! Check that out on page 25.

Chabad Hebrew Academy students took part in a special honor in the city with the San Diego mayor. That’s on page 29.

Everyone is welcome at the St. Gregory the Great School and Preschool Open House on Sunday, Jan. 27, from 1 to 3 pm. Visit www.stggcs.org for details.

Finally, it’s one of my favorite times and one I dread: Girl Scout Cookie Sales. I love the cookies, but have to work off all I eat! Yet I will wait impatiently for my neighborhood girl scouts when cookie sales begin. On page 37 find out when they will start knocking on your door!

I wish you health, happiness, and love in 2019. Happy New Year, Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor