Be There!

I can’t believe it’s May! Didn’t we just celebrate the holidays?! Well, I think the warmer weather and longer days are new reasons to celebrate! In fact, how about spending a beautiful day in the park with family and friends at the SRCA Community Fair on Sunday, May 19. Check out the exciting fair details—including a Wine and Beer Garden and Green Street—on page 11, then be there!

The Community Fair is one of Scripps Ranch’s most popular events, but how did it all start? The Newsletter’s Elinor Reiss takes a look at the history of this community tradition on page 47.

It’s time to start planning for our community’s other popular tradition—the 4th of July Parade and Festivities. Get together with your friends and neighbors and come up with a parade entry or float. Make this the year you become part of the parade! All the details are on page 13.

No doubt you’ve heard about—and hopefully attended!—the events I just mentioned, but you may not know that they, and much more, are sponsored by your Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). Your SRCA is always there for you, now you get the chance to be there for your SRCA, and we’re offering you incentives! See page 5 for more.

As the weather warms up, unfortunately, the rattlesnakes come out of hibernation. There have already been rattlesnakes found around the Ranch. On page 19, you’ll find tips on how to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

We have many interesting, fun features this month. First, we start an occasional section called A Closer Look. It will focus on things in the community you may not know about. Or you may have heard about a group or event but don’t really know what it’s about. This month, we take A Closer Look at the Scripps Ranch Community Emergency Response Team.

You may have heard that these volunteers will be there for our community during a disaster, but what exactly do they do? Check out page 63 for the answer. Once you learn more about this vital group, you may want to join!

Another feature turns the Scripps Ranch Spotlight on the white patrol cars that roam our neighborhoods. They are Retired Senior Volunteer Patrols (RSVP) and they help police keep an eye on our community. RSVP Board member Pat Clark gives us a look at a day in the life of the volunteers. You will be surprised by all they do! Don’t miss her story on page 49.

How cool would it be to have a mini-me made out of LEGO bricks by master builders hidden in LEGOLAND’s Miniland?! Then, you get to go on a “treasure hunt” to find “yourself.” It happened to one lucky Scripps Ranch boy. Full disclosure: he’s my son! He was chosen for an amazing opportunity, and his older brother wanted to share his wonderful experience. Check out Kids Korner on page 43.

A new play opens this month at our beloved Scripps Ranch Theatre. An all-star cast will perform Moonlight and Magnolias, starting on Saturday, May 25. A night at the theater is always such a treat, so be there! Details are on page 71.

As the school year draws to a close, all our outstanding Scripps Ranch schools are preparing for the end of the year…and next year. Check out the Schools section starting on page 31 for that information.

And just as a reminder, please be sure to thank our incredible principals, teachers, staff, and everyone at the schools who put their heart and soul into being there and helping our kids reach their highest potential. Our schools are simply the best!

Looking for community service projects for you and your kids this summer? You may find something you both like in our Volunteer Opportunities on page 75.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Scripps Ranch moms! Big hugs go to the “surrogate” moms who never hesitate to be there to help a friend with their children! I know my kids are blessed with a number of those special moms. You are loved!

Gloria Tran, Editor