New Year, New Resolutions

Welcome to this beautiful new year! I hope your holidays were peaceful and happy. Our family celebrated a white Christmas in Chicago this year which was a fun novelty, but we were delighted to return to 72 sunny San Diego degrees! (Could it be that Southern California is finally winning me over?)

January is an especially important month in the SRCA because it is the beginning of our annual Membership Drive. Please take a few moments to read through Rob Burns’ letter in Focus and send in your $15 annual membership today.

Did you make a resolution to become more involved in your community this year? Many people made that resolution last year and what a difference they have made! Just look at the pages of smiling faces at Recognition Night! Although Katie Sullivan, one of this year’s Citizens of the Year, has been tireless in her community efforts, I remember her best for the time she rescued me and my two children (who were then toddlers) when my car broke down, in the rain, on Pomerado Road. She didn’t know me; she just saw a neighbor in need and didn’t hesitate to stop and offer her help.

We are blessed with a wonderful group of caring individuals who keep this community the best in San Diego. Nowhere is this sentiment more eloquently described than in the letter in Dialogue from Bob Hitchcox, the other Citizen of the Year. Turn to page 47 and I think you’ll feel proud to be a part of this community.

But don’t stop reading there. Keep reading Bob Dingeman’s letter about civic pride on page 47. Remember, that just as every journey begins with a single step, so does a strong America begin with your neighborhood involvement.

Schools are still topping the list of critical meetings this month. Looks like the boundary changes we all dread will soon be happening again–sooner than expected. Want to learn more? Come to the Schools Committee meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 12.

If you don’t like what you hear on Jan. 12, you’ll have an opportunity to hear what our School Superintendent Alan Bersin has to say about these Scripps Ranch issues the very next day, on Thursday, Jan. 13, in the library.

Hopefully you’ll gather enough information from these meetings so you’ll be well-prepared to bring it all together at the Community-wide school forum on Monday, Jan. 24.

From my perspective lately, it is difficult to believe there is more going on than school issues, but thank heaven for our multi-talented volunteers, all areas are covered!

In the arts, the Pleasure of Your Company continues at the library and the wonderful Hodge Podge program for children happens early in February.

Sports is really hopping! Girls Softball is gearing up as is Little League. By the way, if any returning Little League player has not returned a registration form, you better read page 55 and make a phone call–fast!

Basketball is in full swing! Need an update? Visit the website Connie Poss mentions in her article on page 57. SRHS Water Polo team is the Division I CIF champs! Congratulations! Congratulations also to the Sting Soccer Team! Read about their victories on page 57.

Planning is also very active. A farmer’s market in Scripps Ranch? Sounds like a wonderful idea, but where should it go? Turn to page 25 for the details. What about a post office? Do you have an extra 2.5 acres to spare? Turn to pages 19 and 31 for more info. What’s happening at the old K-Mart site? Page 29 will give you the details. Want to know what’s happening next to new Vons. Turn to page 27.

Whew! Looks like another busy year! Hope yours is happy!