New Year, New Opportunities!

This is it: your chance to make a big difference by writing just a $20 check for membership in the SRCA. Think of how many times you have run to the ATM machine and pulled out a $20 bill at 7 am and it was gone before noon. However, in this community that $20 bill keeps on working for 365 days!

Please turn to the SRCA pages starting on page 5, check out our Focus, and be sure to look for your membership envelope in your mailbox. You make a big difference! Please note that the Newsletter is self-supporting through the generosity of our advertisers; your $20 contribution has lots of other important work to do!

Do your New Year resolutions include adding some volunteer work to your schedule? In addition to our two-page Volunteer section, we have several very interesting volunteer opportunities working right here with the SRCA. Set your own hours, and get a unique look at the history of Scripps Ranch. Turn to page 5 for more info.

December is the month we take to recognize many of the people who make such a difference in Scripps Ranch by honoring them at our Recognition Night. Claudia Unhold has certainly done her part to make our community the best that it can be! Thanks, Claudia!

Be sure to check out the honorees for the year 2000. Photos start on page 9. Be sure to say, “Thanks!” when you see these folks around town.

The Holiday Tree Lighting and Toys for Tots was a tremendous success. Whew, 23 sacks of toys delivered! Thanks also to our new Councilmember Brian Maienschein for joining us in our countdown! Welcome aboard to Clint Carney, Brian’s Scripps Ranch representative. See page 21 to learn more about Clint.

There are three projects that people on the street keep asking me about. Shea’s Gateway project, EBS school, and Rancho Encantada. Okay, you’ve asked for it, and we do what we can to deliver.

Peggy Shirey’s update on Shea’s Gateway project is on page 23; EBS school news can be found on page 37; and news about Rancho Encantada is on page 27. Remember, when we get late-breaking news we always try to keep our website updated, so be sure to visit us at []. If any of these projects sound especially interesting to you, maybe it’s time for you to join a planning group. Turn to page 29 and learn more.

Another great place to get your information is at the Information Center! What is the Information Center? Turn to page 25 to learn more. Hope you stopped by over the holidays to see the beautiful holiday tree donated by the Old Pros!

Three cheers to Lindsay Hogan for winning the Do a Good Deed contest! Has your child done a good deed? Maybe he or she will be the next winner! Get the details on how to enter on page 23.

If you have a SRHS student graduating in 2001, you don’t want to miss the article in Schools on page 33. Lots of important information for parents!

Did you think you saw some Marshall Middle School students on Channel 7/39 recently? You did! Read all about Mr. Finley’s science students and their Weather Net station on page 35.

Did you ever hear of Dingeman School’s Academy program? How can I sign up for that chocolate academy? Read all about the academy, along with other innovative programs in schools here on the Ranch, in Schools. And don’t miss Mitch Mitchell’s always entertaining article for Miramar Ranch.

Scripps Ranch keeps getting bigger and more crowded every day. How can we keep that old country feeling? One way is by simply being nice to each other and giving your neighbor a smile.

Happy New Year, Scripps Ranch!