Letting Go of the Old

Time to let go of the old and welcome the new: new year, new opportunities and challenges, and even a new editor…. Yes it’s true I’m finally letting go. I’ve been Editor of the Newsletter since October of 1992 and did the typing for about four years prior to that. I’d say the Newsletter is way overdue for some new blood and maybe a face-lift! Please be patient as the transition team moves in over the next three months. The most important advice I can give you: be sure to get all text in by the 10th!

It’s time also to share with you the announcement of Citizen of the Year for 2001: Gordon Boerner! Gordon is a wonderful example of how to keep many balls in the air. Everything he does, he does wholeheartedly: from selling Stargrams at his daughter’s dance performance to serving as the Scribe, Bearded Father (or is that Feather?) in Indian Guides and Princesses, to serving actively as Executive Vice President of the SRCA. Gordon you’re awesome, and we appreciate all that you do!

And wait until you see the six pages of award recipients! I believe this is our best year yet for handing out awards. Three cheers for all of you who took the time to notice and nominate these outstanding volunteers. Turn to pages 7 through 15, and check out these names and faces. Recognize them? Be sure to give them a huge “Thank You!” the next time you see them. It is volunteers such as these that make Scripps Ranch a very special place to live!

And volunteers such as the three new Distribution Managers who work to ensure this Newsletter makes it to your doorstep each month. Many thanks to all of our Distribution Managers and welcome to Zach Edwards, Dave Haskit, and Jim Rickling. Please notice that on the cover, we now list the area of the Ranch that each manager covers to make it easier for you to get in touch with them if necessary.

We also welcome aboard two new District Reps this month: Mike Gallivan in District 1 and Anita Wolff in District 9. Thanks for stepping up and helping out!

Want to know what you can do to help? Check out the Focus and read all about our 2002 Membership Drive! For only $20 per year you can be assured that you will have the hardest working volunteers, striving to maintain the best community in San Diego. I guarantee you it is $20 well spent. And this year, we’ve made it even easier by allowing you to pay your membership online at www. scrippsranch.org. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the full value for your $20: pay now and you’re covered all year!

Thank you, folks, for all the wonderful support and encouragement I have received month after month, year after year. It was often your gratitude that pulled me through some of the tough months. Everywhere I went, people thanked me for all my work on the Newsletter. It made me want to do more!

Thank you also to my very special, very hard-working helpers: Shirley Chaney, Elinor Reiss, Lynette Williams, and Archi dela Cruz. I never told you often enough how your steady work and support helped keep me on track.

And to the Hurley Family and Western Press for performing monthly miracles in record time!

Well, it’s time for me to sign-off. I have enjoyed being part of an organization that does so much for so many with so little. I admire the members of the SRCA more than I can say. Here is a group of people who realize that: yes, one person can make a difference by working hard; and work hard they do: days, nights, weekends, holidays, vacations! You would all be amazed at the number of e-mail messages flying over Scripps Ranch in the wee hours of the morning…all on behalf of you, the residents of this great community. You might just consider yourself lucky, I believe we are all blessed to be part of this incredible community.

See ya at Vons!