An Inspiring Community

Activity and sadness are incompatible.

If the above quotation is true, it is clear to me why Scripps Ranch is such a great place to live! Although there is a season for all emotions, the activity level of Scripps Ranch seems to leave most everyone in good humor.

No surprise then, that a new Inspired Magazine, should be born here. Read more about it in News and be sure to stop by the website. It left me feeling…inspired!

It’s similar to the way I feel after hearing about some of the school meetings that have been taking place. We have some very inspiring volunteers working on our schools committee. Don’t miss this month’s Special Report for another update. And Dialogue presents two views on the grade configuration issue coming up for discussion early this month. 5-6 Academy or K-6?

Also inspiring are the many volunteers who distribute this Newsletter to your door each month. Volunteers distribute over 10,000 Newsletters each and every month! Is it time for you to help out? If you’ve had faithful delivery for many years, why not take a turn yourself? It’s not a lifetime commitment! But it is a great way to get out for a walk and feel good about doing a service for your community.

Need another way to feel inspired? How about sending in your SRCA annual membership? It’s still only $15! Did you know that only one out of every four households is a member of SRCA? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? It sure makes us wonder. Is there something that we’re doing wrong that is keeping the other 75% of the Ranch residents from joining? If you are among that number, and if we are doing something that rubs you the wrong way, please let us know. Maybe we can do something about it.

Speaking of things we can do something about… please be sure to read the President’s Report on page 5. You might be surprised to learn why we might get “second-tier” services from our elected officials. Get out and vote in our local, state, and national elections! I’ll see you at the polls on March 7!

While you’re thinking about elected representatives, you might want to consider stepping up to the plate yourself. There are several vacancies on SRCA and both planning groups. Fresh ideas and energy are always welcome!

Also welcome is our new Information Center Director, Clay Bingham! Welcome aboard! Read more about the new center in News on page 15.

It’s high school scholarship time. Be sure to ask the high school counselors about the Bob Dingeman scholarship, the WAC scholarship, and any other local scholarship awards. And, we are delighted to welcome back Bob Dingeman after his back surgery. Three cheers for “Mr. Bionic Scripps Ranch.”

Is all this warm, sunny weather making you feel inspired to go out and play some ball? If you’re a man over 25 come out and play soccer. Prove to your kids that you know what you’re talking about when you coach them from the sidelines! Read all about it in Sports. Prefer softball? If you’re 50 or better, turn to page 15 and get ready to play!

If that’s too outdoorsy for you, why not audition for the SRCT’s Last of the Red Hot Lovers? You’ll still be working hard, but you won’t get those nasty grass stains on your teeth!

Finally, one of my very favorite sources of inspiration: Hidden Valley House, our Focus this month. Here is how a simple idea can grow into an important reality that impacts the lives of so many, so profoundly. To the women who keep Hidden Valley House going: you are an inspiration!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Scripps Ranch!