Life Goes On, But is Not the Same

In most months, Rita’s column is filled with what is going on around Scripps Ranch. Is is bar none, the mostly widely read part of the Newsletter. You can count on it to list the hot topics on the Ranch! What’s important. Who did what. What event should you attend. What should you focus on.

Well this month is pretty much the same, but her column focuses on something we all know, but sometimes let slip in lieu of other more pressing, presumably more important things.

Rita’s mom died yesterday. It was not unexpected, at least for the past 45 days. But before Christmas we expected her to live for another decade. So plans were made and some things done and some things left for the rest of the decade. The decade that will now be different.

Our family is now in Chicago, and Rita has asked me to fill her editorial space with bullets of important topics, with a list of the headings in News, with something, something important.

Well the something that matters these days is the one thing that the Ranch holds dear–family. But many times we put the family behind the school issue, behind the sports issue, behind the logistics of the moment. But you can count on death of a family member to reshuffle priorities.

With 20,000+ residents on the Ranch, this happens daily. Rita recognized this part of our life and not long ago began the Obituary section of the Newsletter. Ron McElliott was the first whose life we remembered, but there will be more. Each day. You can count on it like the morning fog or the noon-time sun.

Some leave us via accidents like Noelle Marra or Lawrence Ma, some via older age like Jan McCort or Paul Jones, some even of younger age like Erin Faralan. All are part of someone’s family. So despite what we publish and focus on in the Newsletter, put some priorities on your family. Focus on them.

Talk with your family members, not at them. Listen to them, not the TV. Send them email, not your acquaintances. Make your family your first priority. The rest will take care of itself.

So what can you do on the Ranch with your family? Here’s a list, some of which is described in this Newsletter:

  • Take the whole family over to the Scripps Ranch Information Center on Thursday night. The Focus section this month on pages 44-45 describes what you will find.
  • Join SRCA and receive a Park and Trails map; take your child on a hike through the Ranch on one of the trails. Look for little animals and insects. Notice the water. Spend some quiet time amongst the trees. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll be surprised at how many trails we have, most of which are hidden from view from the streets.
  • Take your kids to the HodgePodge craft fair described on page 13; stay and watch them from a distance; you’ll learn alot that they can’t tell you in words.
  • Take your older parent or neighbor to The Pleasure of Your Company concert series in the library, as described on page 69. You will know more about the people close to you if you spend some time with them doing new things.
  • Take your child to Fences playing at the Scripps Ranch Theater (page 63) and listen to what they saw in the play.
  • Collect some sports equipment with your children and donate it to the Tijuana sports project described on page 53. Describe why you are doing this.
  • Design a tile for the fire station, as described on page 15. Spend time with your children or spouse to create a single tile that reflects your individual personalities. It will be more difficult than designing a tile per person, but far more valuable.

Become involved with your family members and all of us will prosper.