Get in on the Action

It’s that time of year–the time of year to overindulge on Girl Scout cookies. Keep those thin mints away from me or the whole package will disappear. Track down a Scripps Ranch girl scout and get in on the "cookie action." Page 55 has details. Also, ask the girls about Operation Thin Mint, where you can send cookies to our troops overseas.

Did you see her? One young member of our community got in on the action–as a guest weathercaster on NBC 7/39. Hannah Batt from Marshall Middle School had such poise as she helped weathercaster Joe Lizura deliver the forecast one day in January. She did a terrific job! Her mother bid for a prize package at a charity auction for multiple sclerosis, which included doing the weather. Hannah’s friends from her media class were there to cheer her on.

Don’t miss getting in on the action happening in our community. We need your help! The SRCA membership forms went out in January, and already hundreds of your neighbors have joined or renewed their membership.

Joining the SRCA is such an easy way to help your community. If you misplaced the form that came in the mail, you’ll find another one on page 7, or you can use your credit card at the SRCA website [].

The wild winds that hit San Diego in January did quite a bit of damage to our Scripps Ranch trees. Clean up was swift, and, thankfully, no one was hurt. Eucalyptus trees can be more susceptible than other types of trees to strong winds. On page 17, find out what is being done in our community to help identify the weaker trees.

Parents, it’s one of those things you pray you will never need, but it’s a good idea to have. Take your child to the Information Center on Saturday, Feb. 22, from 10 am to 3 pm for the Ident-a-Kid event. Your child’s picture will be taken, and he or she will be weighed. It’s information that could be helpful if anything ever happens. You’ll also get a packet of information on how to protect your child.

It’s a dilemma most mother’s face–do they go back to work after having a baby or do they stay home? Well, one Scripps Ranch mom made her decision, despite advice to the contrary. And, she has never regretted it. Not only did she get to watch her daughter explore her new world, they both explored their community and learned why they love it so much. Read their story in this month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 49.

What child does not want to get in on the action when it comes to arts and crafts? There’s an event this month that lets them make a number of fun crafts. It’s not too late to sign up for HodgePodge. This event benefits a great cause–our very own Scripps Ranch Library. Details are on page 21.

If you’re in the mood for theater this month, you’re in luck. Get in on the action as two plays open in our own backyard.

First, the Scripps Ranch Theatre’s production of Fatal Attraction opens on Friday, Feb. 7. It has nothing to do with the Michael Douglas/Glenn Close movie from years ago, but this one is just as thrilling. Turn to page 69 for details.

Then, our own Scripps Ranch High School performing arts students get in on the action as they present The Pajama Game. See page 21 for dates to see this Tony award winning musical.

Finally, it’s time to get in on the sports action with Scripps Ranch Little League and Scripps Ranch Softball. All you need to know starts on page 59.

It’s February–Valentine’s Day. I think Valentine’s Day should be not only about love, but also about kindness–giving a valentine card to a not-so-popular classmate, letting another car merge in front of you, or saying a kind word to someone who looks like they need it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gloria Tran, Editor