Play Ball!

It’s hard to imagine that we’re back into baseball season again, but Little League Opening Day is now a memory. Time for the girls to step up to the plate this Saturday, March 4 for Opening Day of Girls Softball!

Nothing like the sound of the National Anthem and the crack of the bat to make you feel patriotic. I’ll see you at the polls on Tuesday, March 7, right? I hope our cover cartoon inspires you.

Many thanks for the inspiration we received this month from our new editorial cartoonist Kathy Loeber. We are delighted to welcome this very talented artist to our team.

We’d love to welcome you on deck too! It’s your turn to step up to the plate and take your turn at bat. Plenty of grand positions are up for election this month including all of the SRCA officers, half of the district representatives, and positions on both planning groups. Read all about it inside. Have you already been to bat for Scripps Ranch? Then you know the importance of maintaining your SRCA membership. Don’t forget to write that check for the hardest working $15 you’ll ever spend!

Speaking of hard-working volunteers, did you leave a suede jacket at the last SRCA meeting? If so, give us a call at 695-6835.

We are very sad to say good bye to two very hard-working community members, Deana Fulbright and Mike Lopez. Deana has been our recording secretary, webmaster, and with her husband Mike, has put the 4th of July parade and picnic together for the last couple of years. They will be greatly missed. I just hope Atlanta realizes what star players they have received. Good luck, Deana and Mike!

If you are interested in helping us fill these holes in our line-up, we now have two paid positions for you to consider: recording secretary and webmaster. Read more about these opportunities on page 5.

We are ecstatic to welcome back Bob Dingeman, our general manager extraordinaire! Thanks to Bob, we may have found a grand slam hitting wasp! This little wasp packs a wallop against the Lerp disease attacking our eucalyptus trees. Three cheers for Bob for keeping up on this latest development. Read more about it in What’s Happening.

It’s a cinch that Symphony in the Park wouldn’t be the same without trees. And yes, it is time to start planning our free summer concerts in the park. What a wonderful Scripps Ranch tradition! Be sure to read the enclosed flyer and do what you can to help the tradition continue.

Our all-star volunteers are our most powerful asset. Just turn to page 23 for Luis Biaggi’s terrific report from the Traffic Committee. Luis has done an incredible job of compiling information and working to make a difference. Thanks, Luis!

The SRHS Class of 2000 is gearing up for graduation. Can you help make this an event to remember? Every little bit helps! Turn to page 7 for a few ideas.

And students: have you worked to make a difference in this or another community? Community service scholarships are out there! Read about two of them on page 13.

Some good news: Scripps Ranch is within 1,000 homes of being built out and finally settling down. The bad news: we still need more room in our schools. Please read our Special Report and keep yourself up-to-date on this issue. There is a form we would like you to complete to help us better anticipate our future school needs. Please complete this form and send it in as soon as possible.

Keep an eye out for your federal census form also. April 1 is Census Day. Read more about it in News.

I’ll see you on the field!