Spring Floats In!

First, many thanks to all of you for the beautiful cards and kind thoughts you sent to me after losing my mother in late January. It was a very trying time made much easier because of the support and thoughtfulness of friends and neighbors. I also want to publicly thank my husband Wes for his kind tribute in last month’s column. I don’t know what I would do without you!

Our cover photo of Little League Opening Day may be a little deceptive! Although the rain caused some significant changes in Opening Day plans, we were able to catch a glimpse of the players at play. Looks like they’re ready for another great season!

Our focus this month is on the birthday of our library. Every year when we get to this time, I am reminded of the fun that was had when we moved the books “chain gang” fashion from the temporary storefront library on
Scripps Ranch Blvd. It’s a lifetime of memories such as this that make this such a terrific place to live! Be sure to review the Focus carefully and take advantage of all that our beautiful library has to offer.

The library is definitely the place to be on Sunday, March 25, for our very own High Tea Fundraiser to benefit Hidden Valley House. Here is a wonderful organization that deserves your top support. Please turn to page 63 right now and read about the valuable help provided by your neighbors. Here’s your chance to be part of a wonderful venture!

What’s happening with the middle school? For a brief update, check out the President’s Report on page 5. Is it too early to start planning for Halloween? Maybe not! Keep reading on page 5 and see if you’re interested in helping with this very exciting and fun event.

If that doesn’t strike your fancy, there are plenty of other opportunities to help, listed throughout this Newsletter. At a minimum,
might I suggest you become a member of SRCA? It’s only $20 for an entire year and you’ll not only get a park and trails map, but you will be assured of getting up-to-the-minute news via your email account. Don’t delay! Check out our ad on page 7.

As always, What’s Happening is full of important news this month. Want to know what happened at City Council regarding the Shea freeway property? What about the school boundary issue? You might be amazed when you read about how much can happen in one day with hard-working Scripps Ranch volunteers at the helm! Turn to page 9 for this exciting report.

Also in What’s Happening, Bob Dingeman has prepared an excellent list of recycling reminders. I know that sometimes it feels like it’s hard to keep up with all the changes; but we’ll always do what we can to help you stay abreast of the latest recycling news.

It’s time once again to gear up for summer with Symphony in the Park. Have you sent in your donation to support these outstanding free concerts? Get all the details on page 17.

Another activity in our parks is the second annual Community Fair which is scheduled for Sunday, May 6. When you think of a community fair, what comes to mind? Check out the article on page 17, then call Wendy Littooy with your great ideas (and offer of help, of course!).

Speaking of help, here’s another easy way you can help a lot. Take a look at the Grad Night 2001 wish list on page 32. I bet there is something on that list that you can help out with. Grad Night is a wonderful way to keep our graduating seniors safe. Let’s support this very worthy cause. Check it out!

While you’re checking out books, you might also check out the rather large structure appearing behind the library. Wonder what it is? Turn to page 17 for the latest scoop! Happy Spring Scripps Ranch…stay dry!

Rita Danskin