Cha … Cha … Cha … Changes!

David Bowie had it right. Life sure has a bunch of changes. But whenever I think my life is too filled with changes, I listen to someone near me and realize that their life has even more changes and greater challenges…So I feel pretty lucky; hope you do too!

Sometimes the Ranch feels like one of those challenged, but resilient people, reeling from the ever-present changes: sick trees, aging infrastructure, difficult school decisions. I’ve always felt that one of the most important accomplishments of the SRCA is providing a sense of stability and continuity to our home on the Ranch.

So it’s a bit ironic that the Newsletter provides some month-to-month stability, but also tells you of all the cha..cha…changes, going on. Like last month, we had a snow storm. Ok, maybe it was not a storm, maybe it was not a sign of climatic change, but it still was pretty cool. Had to show you on the cover photo.

You’ll be making changes by voting on March 5 for your favorite candidate. Showing up at the polls is one way you can tell whoever wins that Scripps Ranch cares, and they should too. Please vote!

You can make a difference by joining SRCA. Just turn to the membership form on page 7. You also can make a difference by running for office in the SRCA, or in one of the planning groups, all of which have elections this spring. Check out the calendar on page 4 for all the goings-on each month.

By the time you read this, the school district will have selected where to build our next school. Check out the SRCA website [] for all the latest breaking, hot news. We are using it more and more to augment the Newsletter. We also have the past 3 years of the Newsletter online and searchable.

You’ll be asked in May to make changes to your LMD assessment. Read the Special Report on pages 20-21 to find out why an increase in the annual fee is needed and where your assessment dollars go.

Recreational opportunities on the Ranch will be changing. A subcommittee has been working on what to do with the 4-acre parcel that we purchased last year. Find out what is up by reading pages 17 and 25. Rumor has it we might get a YMCA on the Ranch. Stay tuned.

Wow, can you believe our library is 9 years old; it seems like only yesterday, ok the day before yesterday, that we had a human conveyor belt, passing books up Scripps Lake Drive to fill the new library. Join them for a birthday celebration on March 21 and read about it on page 69.

Another Scripps Ranch institution is chalking up the years. This May will be the third annual Community Faire. Read about the faire on page 15 and find out what you can do to kick it up a notch. Many thanks to new chair Bev Cassity for her energy and ideas.

If you’ve felt the change in weather these past few days, then you know it is almost time for Symphony in the Park. But first, they need you to join. Turn to page 15, read about this Scripps Ranch tradition, then return the enclosed envelope with your contribution. Looking forward to music on summer Sunday evenings is great, but first we need to do a bit of (fun)draising.

Some folks don’t like the changes made to the Miramar Lake road; read about that and other issues in Dialogue on page 49. You’ll be able to check out the road for yourself if you join the new walking club. They meet at the lake on Sunday mornings at 7 am, and the club is described on page 15.

The folks at Marshall Middle School would like to change some teenage bodies, but first they need some weights donated. Perhaps you can help? Read page 37 and give them a call, 549-8840.

Whew, with all these changes, I need a nap; talk to you next month.