A Look Into the Future

There is so much important school news this month; let’s get right to it. First of all, would you like to take a look into the future and see what our new middle school will look like? Well, we can’t do that yet, but we can show you the draft site plan–it’s on page 27. Obviously, it will be fine tuned, but it’s interesting to get our first look at a school this community has waited such a long time for.

Next, you may have read in the local newspaper that the community may have to come up with $5 million dollars to help fund the new middle school. SRCA President Marc Sorensen clarifies the situation with a detailed and informative report, starting on page 15. I found his article extremely helpful in simplifying a complicated issue.

How many students now take cell phones to school? There is a new policy regulating cell phone use on campuses and at school-sponsored activities. Parents and students need to know about this and can read the new policy on page 29.

Finally, it’s almost time for parents to register their children for kindergarten. As I look into the future, I will be dealing with this next year, but sending our first child to preschool was hard enough–on mom! Turn to page 37 for the important school district registration requirements.

You must have heard about the budget crisis facing the state and city. So, we asked our Councilmember Brian Maienschein to provide us an update on the situation. It’s still early in the process, but he provides a preliminary look into the future at how our community may be affected. His article is on page 17. Personally, I’m glad State Route 56 is still on track to open next year.

Speaking of tough economic times, our local businesses are probably feeling the pinch just like everyone else. So, we decided to begin a Special Report on Scripps Ranch businesses. Our first installment on page 22 lists the businesses on the Ranch. It’s an amazing list.

One way to help your fellow community members is by purchasing their goods and services, rather than by driving out of the Ranch to do your shopping. Look for more reports soon.

It’s not too late to join or renew your SRCA membership. You can take a look into the future and see how helpful your contribution is to the community. A membership form is on page 7.

Or, we make it even easier–join online. Just go to our website [www.scrippsranch.org] and use your credit card. Your friends, neighbors, and many local organizations are counting on you!

As this community looks into the future, we can see another fabulous season of Symphony in the Park. What better way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and neighbors than to picnic in the park and listen to great bands? It’s a Scripps Ranch tradition, and it needs your help. Look for the envelope in the Newsletter and lend your support. Then, go to page 19 for the concert dates.

When is football not just about a game? When high school players from Europe come to our community to compete in a tournament and change the lives of some Scripps Ranch families. The bonding that takes place truly touches your heart. Their story is this month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 47.

Finally, as the days get longer, please remember that more kids will be playing outside. Drivers, please slow down, and parents, please remind your children not to play in the streets.

It concerns me that so many children ignore the warnings. Even though there are a lot of dead ends in my neighborhood, cars still speed. Please be careful.

As we look into the future, spring officially starts this month. I love this time of year. It’s as though everything comes alive again, not only the flowers and plants, but the entire community. Enjoy!

Gloria Tran, Editor