Happy Birthday, Scripps Ranch!

The SRCA celebrates its 30th birthday this month and I must say this one feels like a turning point–a coming of age. The growing pains aren’t over, but then again, we don’t want to stagnate! And judging from this spring’s line-up of activities, there is little likelihood that Scripps Ranch will sit idly by!

If you don’t make it to any other SRCA meeting, our Annual Meeting on April 11, at 7 pm. is the one to attend. Besides enjoying birthday cake, you will also hear annual reports from our standing committees, and help us elect officers. Please see What’s Happening for a rundown on what to expect on April 11.

Our sincere apologies to all of you who called in response to our request for a web master and secretary. This has been an especially hectic month around the Danskin household. Please see the President’s Report on page 5 for more on this.

It’s been a long, somewhat agonizing process, but we have finally completed the update of our advertising policy. The new policy will go into effect on June 1, so please turn to page 5 for a complete list of changes. Any questions? Please call either the Ad Manager or Editor at the phone numbers on the cover.

Did you know that it’s never too late to send in your $15 SRCA membership fee? To those of you who have already sent in your membership: Thank You For Your Support! If you haven’t yet sent in your check, turn to page 5 for just a brief list of ways your $15 helps us to help you.

One way we try to help is by staying aware of development in Scripps Ranch. Please read What’s Happening for a report about Evans Pond. I wish I could say “April Fool” to this issue, but I’m afraid it’s true.

The other big issue again this month is schools. The advertising policy update was agonizing, but this school issue is not only agonizing, it’s heart wrenching. It is such a complex issue and things seem to be happening so fast, it has been very difficult to keep up with it all and keep you informed. Wes Danskin has done his very best to put together another informative Special Report on Schools. See page 20 and stay tuned. We promise to keep you posted on all the developments surrounding our schools.

Other events on the Calendar this month include the Annual Spring Garage Sale on April 15, followed by the Clean-up on April 22. For a break in between all that work, how about enjoying piano music at The Pleasure of Your Company on Tuesday, April 18 and SRCT’s Last of the Red Hot Lovers on Friday, on Friday April 21?

Wrap up the month at USIU’s International Friendship Festival on Saturday, April 29. Great fun for the family!

Get ready to boogie in May as we celebrate our First Annual Community Fair on Sunday May 7 with the Heroes at the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive. Be sure to see the President’s Report for more information about this new Scripps Ranch tradition.

Keep your dancin’ shoes on because it’s time once again for Symphony in the Park! See their line-up posted in News. Clip it out and put it on the `fridge so you don’t miss a single concert. It’s free and fun for the entire family!

As one tradition begins, I’m sad to say another tradition is ending. The Boy Scout’s last newspaper drive will take place on Saturday, May 6. Please be sure to support the Scouts in other ways when they ask.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Farmer’s Market here in Scripps Ranch? Please see page 15 and see if you can help get this started.

There’s a lot more inside! Turn to the calendar, circle what you don’t want to miss, then keep on reading! Happy Spring, Scripps Ranch!