April Fool?

We hope the front cover of the Newsletter will always be only an April Fool’s Day prank, but sometimes we can’t help but wonder what we’re doing wrong. The advertisers seem to enjoy the business they get from advertising in the Newsletter. Many community groups seem to enjoy having a very direct voice to their neighbors. We get many comments from people in and outside the community telling us how wonderful and hard-working our volunteers are.

So, in the words of some teenagers I know: `Sup? (Translation: What’s up?) What are we doing wrong? Why do we deliver the free Newsletter to over 10,000 homes, but have only 1,400 families as members of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA)? It seems like a bargain at $20 a year. But obviously not everyone agrees with us. Or did you just forget to send in your check this year? If so, please see the form on page 7 and mail it in today.

Are we doing something that you disagree with? We would love to have your comments and criticisms so that we can serve you better. Or else … maybe we will one day have that cover page for real.

Is the front cover a joke? Yes, for the time being. This is not the last issue of the Newsletter. Does my $20 membership in the SRCA include a subscription to the Newsletter? No, the Newsletter is completely self-supporting through advertising. However, the Newsletter is the voice of the SRCA so if the civic association does not flourish, neither can the Newsletter. Please let us hear from you either by sending in your annual membership fee or by sending us a note telling us what we’re doing wrong. Thanks!

One of the things that your $20 membership covers is the Community Faire coming up on Sunday, May 6. What would you like to see at the fair? This is your opportunity to have it your way. Read all about it in News.

Does your $20 cover the cost of distribution of the Newsletter? No, distribution is an all volunteer operation; your neighbors work hard each month to bring the news to your doorstep. Sometimes, however, people move, get too busy with work or family, or even burn out. That’s where you come in. As my grandmother used to say, “Many hands make light work.” Maybe it’s time for you to take a turn at delivering the Newsletter. Turn to the Directory pages and see if your neighborhood has a vacancy. Also note we are in need of a distribution manager for the north side of the lake. Please see the article on page 14 in News.

Part of what your SRCA membership does is ensure that Scripps Ranch continues to have great schools. Speaking of which, the newest one, E.B. Scripps Elementary School, will be breaking ground this month! If your child will be attending this school, you might want to attend this momentous event. Read more about it in schools or visit the E.B. Scripps website at [www.sandi.net/ellenbrowningscripps].

Have you ever enjoyed Symphony in the Park? If not, you’ve got to check out the line-up and get the dates on your calendar (see page 13). This is a great way for your entire family to wrap-up a weekend. Enjoy a picnic dinner, let the kids play in the playground, dance, sing along, and enjoy the company of neighbors and friends. If you have been to a Symphony in the Park, then you know it’s a great time! Have you sent in your family’s contribution to keep this tradition going? Check out the article in News and I think you’ll agree: this is another tradition worth saving!

Don’t forget Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 7! This is your opportunity to clear out the “fire fuel” that has grown around your house as a result of our rainy season. Get more details on page 9. Have a beautiful spring, Scripps Ranch!