Spring into Family Fun

Looks like we got your attention last month with our April Fool’s Day prank! Thank you for the great responses! We got 200 new members, (and are hoping for 2-3 times that), but we also heard from you about how you think we’re doing. We printed just a few of the responses in Dialogue (page 49) this month. Keep the feedback coming–good and bad. We always want to hear how we can do a better job.

Did you come to the Community Fair last year? Chair Wendy Litooy did such a great job of kicking off this new Scripps Ranch tradition last year, that we’re really looking forward to what is in store this year. Be sure to join us at the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive on Sunday, May 6, for a wonderful afternoon of family fun!

Speaking of family fun, there is no better place for a great family time than at the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade and Picnic! And if you’re really up for some fun, why not be in the parade? Gather together with your family and friends and think of some way to celebrate the theme of “Home, Home on the the Ranch.”

It doesn’t take much! Just walk together with your neighbors carrying a sign! Or if you feel more creative, decorate your neighbor’s truck, or practice a dance routine with your weed whackers or little red wagons. Come on, and get those creative juices flowing! Let loose, relax, and have some fun this 4th of July. Complete the form on page 9 so that you can reserve your space in the parade, and we can announce your group.

If you can’t wait until July for family fun, we’ll see you at the Symphony in the Park on Sunday, May 20. What a great way to wind-up the weekend! Relax with a picnic dinner as the kids play on the playground and you and your friends dance and chat. Thanks to the Old Pros, WAC, and neighbors who donate their time and money, Symphony in the Park is free! How often do you see that these days?

This Newsletter wouldn’t be complete without a big report on schools would it? Well, just turn to the SRCA pages (5-7) and you can catch up on the latest news from the school district. We are doing our best to keep you and your family informed.

We now routinely send out E-Letters via email to SRCA members with late-breaking news. We also post more detailed information on the SRCA website [www.scrippsranch.org]. And as you’ve seen, we have a couple of pages on school issues each month in the Newsletter. Questions or concerns? Just let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you find answers.

While you’re thinking about schools, you should turn to our centerspread from Jerabek Elementary. They are having their big fund-raiser of the year. This year it’s “Field Day.” Be sure to support your favorite Jerabekian for this fun event.

Cleanup Day turned into a fun event for many folks despite the weather! Many thanks to Chair John Le Bar and the Kiwanis for organizing this event again this year.

Congratulations to our Fire Station 37 on their very spiffy new brush rig! Not only is it as shiny and cool as a new Tonka truck at Christmas, it makes me feel much more secure as we enter into the brush fire season. Thanks, guys, for touring the neighborhoods showing off the new rig!

It’s springtime, Scripps Ranch. Time to get out and meet and greet your friends and neighbors. Be sure to take the time to enjoy our beautiful community!

P.S. We just added secure credit card capability to the SRCA website so you can check out the newest news and join SRCA at the same time, by just going to [www.scrippsranch.org]. Thanks!