New Beginnings

For many people, May means new beginnings. Spring is in full bloom. The days are longer and there’s more time to spend outdoors with your family. There’s just something in the air that feels fresh and new. It’s my favorite time of year.

This editorial is a new beginning for me. It’s the first time I’m writing it, so please allow me to tell you about myself. I’ve lived in Scripps Ranch for 5 years and love it. For 17 years, I worked in broadcast journalism, mostly in Los Angeles with the last 5 years being in San Diego. I produced newscasts, as well as many special reports, including the O.J. Simpson trial, the L.A. riots, earthquakes, fires, floods, and political conventions. I had a very exciting career.

The broadcast business is exhilarating, challenging, and fulfilling; news is 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. But, now, I have a new job. I’m still on call 24/7, and I find my new job exhilarating, challenging, but so much more fulfilling.

You see, now I have 2 bosses and a new title I cherish, Mom. My husband and I have two children, 2 years old and 6 months old. To say my life is hectic is an understatement. But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In news, you judge your success by ratings. In this job, I judge my success by whether my children become kind, loving, generous people.

May is the month to celebrate motherhood. I have met some amazing mothers here in Scripps Ranch. I wish all moms a happy Mother’s Day. One way to celebrate mom is at the Friends of the Library Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday, May 11. Details are on page 23.

Another big event this month is the 3rd annual SRCA Community Faire. It’s a great way to have fun with family and friends. This year the Faire will be bigger and better than ever. Mark Sunday, May 19, on your calendar and join us at the Community Park from 11 am to 4 pm. Read more about it on page 5.

End your Sunday at the Symphony in the Park. They kick off their season on May 19 with one of my favorite bands, Rockola. Details are on page 19. You couldn’t ask for a better double-header.

It’s also a new beginning for our community when it comes to our new middle school. The school will be built on the Alliant International University site. Now you can help design and plan it. See pages 17 and 27 for details and photos.

There’s an important vote this month. Look for your ballot in the mail regarding your Landscape Maintenance Assessment District. A "yes" vote means that our beautiful surroundings will stay beautiful. Details are on pages 5 and 13.

As I tackle this new challenge, I know I have big shoes to fill. Rita Danskin did a great job editing this Newsletter for over 10 years. Then, Wes Danskin continued the tradition of excellence.

Let me introduce you to two new colleagues. Victoria Mazelli is our talented Graphics Editor. You can see her work almost everywhere in Scripps Ranch. She designed the logos for Marshall Middle School, Jerabek Elementary, and E. B. Scripps Elementary. She also decorated the Information Center. Those are just a few of her works of art. Look for her classy style in the Newsletter and on our website.

Greg Minter is our webmaster. He created the SRCA website when he was only a teenager. Greg is now a full-time student at California State University, San Marcos, and he works full-time. So, often he works on the website in the middle of the night. That’s dedication! Visit [] and see his hard work. His skill shines through. One of our goals is to better integrate the Newsletter and website.

You may notice some changes in this Newsletter. We will make a few at a time. Let us know what you think. Email us at [[email protected]]. Have a great month!

Gloria Tran, Editor