Time to shift gears into summer, and shift we did at the Community Fair in early May. Many thanks to the hundreds of residents who helped us usher in this new spring tradition in Scripps Ranch!

    The Heroes, as always, were awesome and great fun to dance to. Thanks also to our great crew of firefighters who stayed with us much of the day to meet the neighbors. Three cheers to the firefighter who donned full turn-out gear (in 85 degree temps!) for the children.

    Speaking of days in the park, were you there for the first Symphony in the Park? If not, you’ve got another chance this month. Come on down to Hoyt Park, with kids and picnic baskets in tow, for another great concert with the Ultra Tones on Sunday, June 11.

    Aren’t our Scripps Ranch parks extraordinary? They must be some of the hardest working public spaces in San Diego! One of the reasons they stay so nice is because of the brief rest we try to give them each year. Please, please respect the “Fields Closed” signs. We only close each field for a few weeks each year and it does wonders to rejuvenate our turf. See page 9 for a schedule of park closures.

    And it’s time to close out the year for nearly all our schools. The SRCA would like to say happy graduation to all of our Scripps Ranch grads. The high school will graduate seniors on Wednesday, June 14, and this will be the last day of school for all but Jerabek Elementary which is on a year-round schedule.

    Now that school days are winding down, you may finally have a few minutes to catch up on all of the school issues that keep swirling. Please see the Special Report on page 29 for an update.

    Does your young teen have a Go-Ped? They certainly seem to be (noisily!) popping up everywhere. Please be aware that a driver’s license is required to operate a Go-Ped. You and (or) your child could be cited and fined for illegal use of these vehicles. Turn to Tom Cleary’s article in News for a run down on the legal issues surrounding this latest trend.

    Also in News you’ll read all about SOS Ranch. This is Scripps Ranch community activism at its finest. These are not people who sit on the sidelines and whine. Do you want to help save the area south of the Library and Evans Pond from development with 700+ more houses? Read all about it on page 19. Time is short, so get involved now!

    Marc Sorensen has done a great job of returning to the writer’s desk as he has summed up several of the on-going issues in his President’s Report. No one could ever accuse the SRCA president of being strictly a figurehead! Sounds like a full-time job to me!

    Our new advertising policy took affect this month. Remember, the new deadline is the 10th of each month! See page 5 to review the new policy.

    Looking for a great way to make a few extra dollars each month and still be available for your family? Turn to page 6 and check out our Administrative Services job description.

    Did you ever wonder where some of the names for public spaces come from? Well, here in Scripps Ranch, we get to choose the names. Here’s your chance: turn to page 15 and help us choose a name for our new park. Pick one of the choices listed or add your own! Why not ask your kids what suggestions they have?

    You also should ask your kids if they want to be marchers or watchers for this year’s 4th of July parade and festivities! Now’s the time to get your act together and decide how you’ll spend your 4th of July. Are you going for the big run? Walk/jog/chit-chat with friends and dogs for the 2-mile fun run? Will you build a float (theme is 30 years of Comics); or ride a bike, trike, or Cozy Coupe? Turn to page 13 and start planning for an exceptionally fun 4th of July 2000!