Summer is Upon Us!

Whew! I’ve been doing this Newsletter as typist since 1987 and as editor since 1992. In that time, one thing has always been true. June is the month when schools take over the Newsletter. And takeover they did this month! Nine pages of school news from the individual schools! This does not even include a report from the Schools Committee which met on May 22. The report of that meeting will appear in July.

We don’t need a census or demographers to tell us what our priorities are! I only wish I could include more information each month. Unfortunately, this is also a big month for Scouts and Sports and many other organizations. Please accept my apology if your article or photograph did not appear this month. Knowing that the vacation season was upon us, and that school news would be important to a great number of people, I chose to include more school news than normal.

Of particular interest is the news from the high school. In an effort to keep our seniors safe, our high school has instituted a wonderful event called Grad Night. Please check out the articles in Schools and News and help if you can. Next month check out the list of all the wonderful sponsors who help pay for this event. When you see these sponsors or patronize their businesses, please be sure to thank them for their help in keeping our children safe.

Next up is our Focus this month: Symphony in the Park. Symphony is somewhat of a misnomer, but it doesn’t seem to fool too many people! Last month, the Symphony committee opened the season to a packed park! What a great way to usher in summer! Yep, it’s true these concerts are “free.” You just come on down to Hoyt Park with your picnic basket and blanket; put the kids on the playground; and dance your heart out! Not a dancer? Okay, just sit there and watch while enjoying your picnic dinner! Nobody will give you a hard time. But you know what? Nothing is really free, is it? Donations are gratefully accepted, so be sure to read the article in News.

Also of great importance is the issue of redistricting. As a result of the 2000 census, the city learned that our City Council district, District 5 is too large and needs to be broken up. Is this a good thing? I guess it depends on your perspective. Please review the story in the President’s Report and then keep track of this in the daily news. Our lives could be significantly impacted; forewarned is forearmed. For an SRCA perspective, keep your eye on our web page at We promise to keep you informed. If you’re a member of the SRCA, we will also keep you informed of any late-breaking news via our E-letters. You can also check out Councilman Maienschein’s new E-Newsletter. Read all about it in News.

Are you ready for the 4th of July? Is your family or neighborhood going to enter the parade this year? If so, be sure to fill out the parade entry form on our website so we can announce your passing down the parade route! And if you’ve got little ones, you must join the Cozy Coupe brigade. It’s great fun for the whole family to master the drill team routines! Want to join? Read the article in News.

While you’re on the News page, read the good news about Farmer’s Market! It’s back! See you there!

What IS going on with our new fire station? Check out the update in News.

What are the most asked questions we get? CC&R’s! Wow, we get many calls on this topic. Bob Dingeman took several of your questions to the City for answers. Find answers to three this month, and come on back next month for three more. Hope this helps!

Please remember that school is out. Give our kids a brake! Happy Summer, Scripps Ranch!