Special Moments

This is the month when there will be many special moments for grads and dads. To the graduates, I say congratulations and lots of luck. Live each day to the fullest, so you never look back and say, "I wish I had done that."

With Grad Night just around the corner, parents please remind your teens not to drink and drive. Let’s celebrate graduation without any tragedies.

As the school year nears an end, there is a lot of school news. Check out our Schools section starting on page 29. Kudos to Principal Rich Cansdale of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School on his unique approach this month. Students wrote many of the EBS articles and did a terrific job!

Congratulations to Scripps Ranch High School teacher John King. He was named the 2003-2004 San Diego City Schools High School Teacher of the Year. What a great honor, and one that is well-deserved. Read more about John’s accomplishment on page 21.

Last month Scripps Ranch lost a longtime resident and friend to many. Steve Allen had many special moments with members of the Old Pros and so many others in the community. He was greatly loved by family and friends, and is sorely missed. See tributes to Steve on pages 5, 13, and 19.

What would you do if you were healthy but had a serious disease that could strike at any time? One Scripps Ranch dad lives with that situation every day. Instead of wallowing in pity, he enjoys special moments with his family and loves with all his heart. His loving wife wrote a beautiful story about him, just in time for Father’s Day. Don’t miss this month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 47.

It’s an issue everyone has dealt with at one time or another–the gridlock on Interstate 15. Great news! The project to add a lane to I-15 in each direction around the Scripps Ranch area has started. Details are on page 13.

We’re just a month away from the Ranch’s biggest party–the SRCA’s 4th of July Parade and Celebration! It’s not too late to join the parade. Just fill in the entry form on page 8 and send it in. This year’s theme is "Youthful Spirit." You can expect many special moments during this celebration.

Do you have a convertible that you would like to drive in the parade? Well, we need you! Many local dignitaries take part in our parade and community members volunteer to drive them in their convertibles. Details are on page 5.

The SRCA thanks all of you who have joined or renewed your membership. This month we especially thank all the Corporate Members and Community Pillars by listing their names in the Newsletter. See the list that starts on page 7, and if you find the name of a friend or neighbor, be sure to thank them for supporting our community.

You can still get your membership in. Just visit the SRCA website at [www.scrippsranch.org], and you can use your credit card. Your contribution supports many community events, organizations, schools, and so much more.

Ever have that sinking feeling after losing your wallet? You have to cancel your credit cards, replace those precious family pictures, not to mention the cash you had in there. In a good deed, one local business owner spared a mom that hassle when she forgot her wallet in his store. Bob Dingeman has this heartwarming story on page 15.

It’s the time of year when schools, organizations, and special events coordinators thank their sponsors. You will see their names throughout the Newsletter. Please support these businesses through your patronage, and thank the owners for helping our community.

To my husband and all the other great dads on the Ranch, I wish you a Father’s Day filled with special moments!

Gloria Tran, Editor

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