…and the livin’ is easy? Ha! I don’t THINK so! Scripps Ranch is just as busy as ever. And despite my notice last month that June would be the last busy month for Schools, this is still an important and news-packed section.

Please be sure to review the list of donors for Grad Night and thank each and every one of them. If it’s someone you know, make a point of calling them to say, “Thank You.” If it’s a business, use their services, and thank them for supporting our children. Grad Night at the high school is a very important part of why this community is so successful.

But the most fun part of this Newsletter is, of course, the 4th of July Parade and Picnic! Be sure to check out our Focus and News sections for a schedule and some great old photos, but also check the website in case there are last minute changes.

Speaking of changes: please note that the Newsletter phone number has changed. In an effort to reduce a bit of the stress on our family, I have changed the phone number for the Newsletter to the Information Center phone number. So many of the phone calls I get are related to the community at large, that it seemed to make more sense to direct the calls to SRCA, rather than the Newsletter. If you need to get it touch with me quickly, e-mail is the best way. I check e-mail several times a day. My e-mail address is [email protected] I will, however, check in with Gloria at the SRCA office to pick-up Newsletter phone messages and she will e-mail me anything urgent.

For those of you who have lived here awhile, you will appreciate this gallows humor: guess what street they’re ripping up next? Scripps Ranch Blvd.! At least it’s not the Carroll Canyon intersection again! Be sure to check out the article in News and adjust your travel time as necessary.

Please note well the following three news items:

1) The SRCA has three District Representative positions open. The openings are in Districts 1 (Hendrix Pond), 2 (Hoyt Park), and 9 (Whispering Ridge). If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, be sure to stop by an SRCA meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at the Library at 7 pm, or call one of the officers listed on page 85.

2) The Schools Committee will be meeting on July 3, from 4-6 pm, in the Seminar Room at the Library.

3) Redistricting talks are continuing each week. For up-to-the-minute news, be sure to check your e-mail for an SRCA E-letter, and/or our website at

Both Bob Dingeman and I have received a number of phone calls on the same miserable topic: picking up after your pet. Please, please carry a trash bag with you when you walk your pet!

On a lighter note, please be sure to check out the Symphony in the Park schedule on page 15. Two concerts this month!

Also this month, we have a new organization joining our list of contributors. It’s the YMCA Indian Guide and Indian Princess Program. Check out the articles in News and Organization. Bearded Feather (or is that Bearded Father?) thanks you!

Bob Dingeman’s CC&R article was a big success last month! Be sure to check out part two this month starting on page 17.

Last, but certainly not least, please be sure to read the President’s Report. Between Rancho Encantada and Councilman Maienschein’s Proposal for the Shea Parcel, this is news you can use. If you want to maintain the value of your property, this is what you need to be aware of. Turn to page 5 right now and start studying!

Happy 4th of July, Scripps Ranch!