Quiet Days…

I love August! It is truly the quietest time of year for Scripps Ranch. It’s a good time to enjoy lazy days at the pool, taking kids fishing at the pond or lake, and exploring the many beautiful trails surrounding our homes.

Speaking of the trails, the new trails map is coming soon! SRCA members should have the new map sometime this fall. (Another excellent reason to become a member of SRCA!)

Our webmaster Greg Minter is using these quiet summer days to get our web site up-to-date. Are you interested in finding something from an old Newsletter? Want to know more about the hot topics on the Ranch? Surf over to www.scrippsranch.org and read all about it!

How did you like that 4th of July Race, Parade, and Picnic? It was great fun for me to sit back and just enjoy watching the parade! Although it is definitely fun to ride or walk in the parade, the problem is that you never get to see the rest of the parade. Thanks to local videographer Darrell Wright, you can now watch the entire parade on tape. Stop by the library to check it out, or call Bob Dingeman at 566-6083 and find out how you can purchase your very own copy.

How did your group do in the judging? Check out the winners on page 15.

Very special thanks to the Old Pros, Jany Staley, Dick Kelly and all the folks who helped coordinate this fun-filled 4th of July! It was especially fun to have continuous music from Legal Tender and the Pelicans. Many thanks to the Symphony in the Park committee!

And don’t forget to stop by the Cabrillo Credit Union to thank them for sponsoring our most successful ice cream social: 3,000 ice cream cups!

But wait! Don’t get too comfortable relaxing by the pool! Even though it’s summer, we do not want you to become complete couch potatoes! There is a very important Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, Aug. 17. Please take a few moments to read all about it on page 13. This is one of those times when we need a lot of people power. You don’t need to speak, and I’m sure there will be plenty of carpools. All we need is to have you there for a short time to show your support for SOS Ranch. (You could always make a day of it and go shopping at Horton Plaza afterward!)

Did you enjoy the Heroes at the Community Fair this spring? Well, if you did you have another chance to dance to their music on Sunday, Aug. 13 at Symphony in the Park. If you like to have fun and dance, I can guarantee you’ll have a wonderful evening!

You might even have such a great time you’ll feel like writing about it. If so, be sure to bring a draft by the Writer’s Group meeting on Monday, Aug. 17 at Barnes and Noble and I’m sure you’ll get some honest feedback. Three cheers for the return of the Writer’s Group!

Erik Lighthart was certainly inspired by his son’s Boy Scout Troop 663! Check out his efforts in Writer’s Corner on page 53.

I thought it was especially interesting that his son, Dane, took on the more mundane task of reporting for Troop 663, while Dad Erik got to let the creative juices flow! Good for Dad and an excellent way to sneak in some Language Arts over the summer!

Pretty soon it will be time to start thinking about soccer, fall ball, and carpools! By the way, remember that carpool ads are always free!

Well, folks have a wonderful, restful summer and keep us posted on what’s happening on your street!

See you at the pool!