Dog Days of Summer

We’re in the dog days of summer. I’ve heard that phrase so often, but have wondered what it really means. The American Heritage Dictionary defines "dog days" as the hot, sultry period of summer between early July and early September. And, we’re right in the middle this month. I like the hot days, but this summer the heat is a double-edged sword. Because it’s been so dry, the fire danger is extremely high.

We learned that firsthand on Friday, June 28. A fire came dangerously close to homes in the Kingspine and Rue Foutainebleau area. Your home may not have been in the fire area, but the air tankers flying low over our homes signaled the fire was too close for comfort.

There are ways to protect your home. Please follow the tips by Captain Warren Geiske of our Fire Station 37. San Diego’s Fire Chief Jeff Bowman also warns teenagers that starting a fire is a serious crime and that parents may have to pay for the cost of the fire.

To be sure the dog days of summer are safe ones, help is on the way if you need to clear brush around your property. It’s one of the ways to protect your home. At the request of the SRCA, our Councilmember Brian Maienschein has arranged for help in brush removal. The fire articles are on page 19.

Now, on to the happier part of the dog days of summer–the 4th of July parade and celebration. You know it’s summer when it’s time for the parade. Wasn’t it great! So much work goes into the parade and party at Hoyt Park.

4th of July chair, Jany Staley, and her committee deserve huge congratulations on a successful event. If you know Jany, you know no matter how many things she’s juggling, she never seems to get rattled. Congratulations also go out to all the incredible parade entries. The entire list of winners is on page 7.

The SRCA membership drive was a big success this year. A record number of you joined or renewed your membership. You can tell who the members are by the decal they display in their home or car window. If you are one of them, thank you. If not, join your friends and neighbors next year.

Your membership dues go right back into the community. Among the many things they are used for are the amazing events we enjoy all year long, including the 4th of July celebrations. Check out this year’s Corporate members and Community Pillars. You will probably find some of your neighbors on the list that begins on page 7. And please note, y our dues DO NOT support the SRCA Newslette r; ads do.

This month, the SRCA Newsletter continues to look at future development on the Ranch. We follow up on last month’s Special Report with an update. And, the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) explains some of its concerns about proposed projects in the Pomerado Road area.

Special thanks to SRPG Chair Bob Ilko for taking the time to provide the informative update. You should know how hard he and his group work for our community. In fact, he emailed his report to me at 2:30 in the morning. Thanks, Bob. Now, get some sleep!

One way to keep cool during these dog days of summer is to spend time on Lake Miramar. That’s where you’ll find Scripps Ranch resident John Edelstein on most Sunday mornings. What’s so special about that, you may ask? Well, John just drives his car into the water and enjoys his morning coffee.

That’s right. His car is his boat. This month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch tells about John’s fascination with the Amphicar. Read Elinor Reiss’ story about John on page 53.

I can’t believe this is the last full month of summer. This time of year flies by. Try to stay cool and enjoy the last dog days of summer!

Gloria Tran, Editor

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