Fun Times

Did you join the Ranch’s biggest party of the year? Hundreds of residents enjoyed the SRCA’s 4th of July Parade and Celebration! The 4th is always a fun time for our community! As usual, Jany Staley and her committee organized a wonderful event. The list of parade award winners is on page 7. Of course, my child’s favorite entry was the fire truck and firefighters from station 37.

August is the month we usually print an updated street map of Scripps Ranch in our Focus section. This year, we instead have a map showing development projects on or near the Ranch. This is something you may want to hold onto so you can reference the projects as they evolve.

The map is part of a six-page Special Report about development beginning on page 40. The Newsletter put together this comprehensive report to update the community on 20 different projects being built or planned for our area. The projects will inevitably affect us.

Special thanks to Wes Danskin for his time and talents in compiling this information. Thanks also to the following people for their invaluable input: Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) chair, Bob Ilko; SRPG vice chair, Gordon Boerner; and, Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee chair, Bill Bernard.

You can still get a copy of the Scripps Ranch street map at the SRCA website at [].

The San Diego Unified School District is in the midst of redistricting. What does this mean to us? There will be changes in our district–see the map on page 25. Also, read more about this important issue on page 24.

A committee set up to review all potential funding sources for the new middle school has some preliminary findings. At this point, some of Scripps Ranch’s original "wish list" items for the middle school are not part of the design. Details are on page 17.

Speaking of financial issues that affect our community, the city budget for fiscal year 2004 was approved. Unfortunately, some city services were cut, including our library and Recreation Center hours. Find out more on page 17.

One city service that was not cut from the budget is our Information Center. In case you weren’t aware, you can access many city services there–and even get a passport! The Information Center now has a new schedule, including Saturday hours. See page 17 for specifics.

The Scripps Ranch Recreation Council is considering changes to some of our parks because vehicles are still driving on the turf. Page 5 has details.

Do you have that one special love from many years ago with whom you shared fun times? In this month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch we have a heartwarming story about love "the second time around"–in this case, 44 years later! Don’t miss this story on page 47.

There are two "fun times" coming up for our community–the 10-year anniversaries of Scripps Ranch High School and the Scripps Ranch Library. Exciting community celebrations are being planned. Check out pages 19 and 65 for details.

Summer is when kids have lots of fun times, but they should play safely. There are traffic laws regarding bicycles, skateboards, and motorized scooters. Please take a look at the laws on page 19, and share them with your children. Thanks to San Diego Police Department’s Community Relations Officer Steve Higuera for providing the safety information.

Now that kids are playing outside more, please be careful and slow down when you drive on our streets. Also, be extra careful as you pull out of your driveway. It’s often difficult to see small children who are walking or biking past your driveway. Please help make this summer a safe one–full of fun times!

Gloria Tran, Editor