Never a Dull Minute!

As you might have gathered from our cover, the big news this month is a letter we all received from a company called “BCL.” Please be sure to read all about this issue on pages 5, 7, and 21-23. It’s very important and your support and understanding of this issue is needed.

Our Schools section never ceases to amaze me. Here it is, still summer, and our school volunteers (and some administrators!) are right on top of things helping to keep the Newsletter up-to-date so that we can keep you up-to-date. Not only do we have reports from all three elementary schools, we also have a report about the new principal at Ellen Browning Scripps! In addition, we have a very informative report on Marshall Middle School from Principal Rick Novak, our centerspread is devoted to SRHS Class of 2001 (be sure to buy a raffle ticket for a $1000 shopping spree!), and we have the SRHS Falcon Football schedule on page 52! Better mark your calendars now for Back to School Night on Sept. 26!

Speaking of scheduling, help us to help you in scheduling events next year. Read page 9 carefully and send us your important dates for next year.

Very important news about our e-mail accounts: please note that we have new e-mail addresses. They are all listed on page 9 and should be self-explanatory. These are linked to our web page and will hopefully help us to be more efficient.

We are delighted to announce that the Scripps Ranch Information Center is due to open Sept. 20. This will allow us to do even more to keep our position as the best neighborhood in San Diego! Read more about it on pages 5 and 9.

Which reminds me: we have finally gotten our act together enough to find two outstanding people to fill the Administrative Support position. Welcome aboard, Gloria Tran and Sherry Roper! Read more about this much-needed addition to SRCA in the President’s Report on page 5.

While you’re on page 5, please read it very carefully. As always, there are some key issues and news items about which you need to be aware.

Things like: dogs. Please, please control your pets. We have had another very unfortunate incident of a resident and his dog being attacked by dogs who had escaped from their yard.

Are you new to the Ranch? Want to know how things get done here? To a great extent, it’s because of the exceptionally hard-working population of retired citizens. People such as Bob Dingeman, who has been working full speed ahead since the 1970’s for this community; and Ralph McCort since the 1980’s. We call Bob our resident, “Bionic Man.” He just had another new shoulder “installed.” Our thoughts and prayers are with him. Please send Bob your best wishes!

And to Ralph McCort we say, “Happy trails… until we meet again!” Ralph has been a wonderful volunteer and role-model. Thank you for your years of hard work!

Because we have such hard-workers as role models, we end up with equally hard working young people. Turn to page 15 and read all about Girl Scout Katie Longo’s quilt making project. Maybe you can help!

The Farmer’s Market is finally opened and it’s grand! See my brief report on page 13. I’ll see you there!

Beware: More mail thefts are occurring! Remember when you put up that red flag it’s a “red flag” for crooks!

Pull out those walking shoes and get ready for Legs for Literacy on Oct. 21. See page 11 for more details.

I’m sorry to report on the death of resident, Ann Blomgren. Please see her obituary on page 83.

Opening Day for Soccer is Sunday, Sept. 10. See p. 55. It sounds like fun! Whew! 

Rita Danskin