September 11. It’s one of those moments in history when people will ask each other "Where were you when you first heard the news?" It happened with Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, and now September 11.

Do you remember where you were? I’ll never forget where I was and what was happening in my life when I first heard about it. I was eight months pregnant with our second child. My husband and I were exhausted. We had spent the previous night at the Children’s Hospital emergency room, with our toddler running a 105-degree temperature.

Just before 7 am on that Tuesday morning, my husband turned on the television. We both thought we were watching a movie clip. We couldn’t imagine the horror literally unfolding before our eyes was real.

As you remember where you were and what was going on in your life that fateful morning, you may want to remember this. America’s enemies tried to bring us down. But, instead, they united us and made us stronger.

September 11 affected all of us–some directly, others indirectly. One person who knows exactly what it was like at Ground Zero is Scripps Ranch resident Ted Kakuris. Ted is also a fire captain who is part of the Urban Search and Rescue team.

Shortly after September 11, Ted went to New York to aid in the rescue efforts. In this month’s Spotlight on Scripps Ranch, Ted remembers what it was like to help in a task of epic proportions. Elinor Reiss tells his story on page 49.

Scripps Ranch will hold a "Remembrance and Flag Raising" on Wednesday, Sept. 11, at 10 am at our Fire Station 37. Please join the community as we take a moment to remember the victims of September 11.

This month is also back to school time. Vacations are just memories now, and families must fall back into a routine. Remember to set your alarm clock to make it back to school on time! And, please drive carefully around the schools. Children aren’t always as cautious as they should be. Let’s be sure this is a safe school year.

The award-winning Scripps Ranch Theatre begins its season in September. The Neil Simon play Rumors opens on Friday, Sept. 13. Get your tickets now. Better yet, become a season ticket holder and you won’t miss any of the great performances this year. More information is in our Focus section on page 44 and on page 71.

You may have noticed the water in Evans Pond–which is right next to the library–was very low. Well, thanks to the hard work of many people, the pond has been refilled. Residents and officials worked together to solve this community problem. Details are on pages 5 and 17. Please be aware, the pond is filled with untreated water.

If you’re like me, you pass the construction on Scripps Poway Parkway and I-15 every day. But do you know what’s being built? We asked Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee Chair Peggy Shirey to fill us in. Her informative report is on page 25. Thanks, Peggy, for your time on this project.

It’s time for the CUSH Legs for Literacy 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run/Walk. It’s on Sunday, Oct. 20, but you can sign up now. It’s a fun event, and best of all, proceeds go to Scripps Ranch schools. Details are on page 19.

The new Scripps Ranch map in last month’s SRCA Newsletter had no lines indicating the streets. Obviously, that was an error. You will find a new map folded inside this month’s Newsletter. Many residents tell us they use it all the time, so be sure to hang onto it.

And finally, a joyous note. Congratulations go out to our Religious Editor Lynette Williams on the marriage of her daughter. The wedding was at La Jolla Cove on August 11. We wish your daughter and her new husband a lifetime of love and happiness!

Gloria Tran, Editor