Editor on Overload

Okay, I admit it, I’m ready to cry, “Uncle!” I recently accepted what can only be described as my “dream job” working as a Library Media Teacher at Dingeman Elementary. It was quite a surprise since I was very happy working half-time at Scripps Miramar Library Center. But how could I turn down a job I’ve been studying for for nearly five years? Especially since it’s right in the neighborhood! Well, I love my new job but it has certainly pushed my work on the Newsletter to the back burner!

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Nancy Assaf, Branch Librarian, for allowing me to “have my cake and eat it too!” She managed to find a way for me to jump into my job at Dingeman while maintaining a position with the city libary. So I’ll still see you at the Scripps Ranch Library on Sundays from 1 to 5. I look forward to seeing you all there soon!

Thank you also to our printer, Western Press. They have managed, once again, to pull me out of a very deep hole!

Due to my predicament, I will have to resort to giving you just a bulleted list of this month’s highlights.

  • First and foremost, be sure to wave those flags high!
  • It’s time to get in shape for the holiday season! Come on out on Saturday, Oct. 13 for the Cush Legs for Literacy 5 mile fun run/walk! Read all about it in News.
  • Then start gathering those precious pieces you no longer use and get them priced for the Fall Garage Sale on Saturday, Oct. 20. Call Prudential Realty, the sponsor, at 653-6400, for details.
  • Did you fail to sell those precious pieces at the Garage Sale? Time to get rid of them during Fall Clean-Up Day on Saturday, Oct. 27. See What’s Happening for more details.
  • Now that you’re all cleaned up, it’s time to have some fun at the Miramar Ranch Elementary Halloween Carnival. See the Focus section.
  • Wait till you see all the winning young athletes we have in our community! They wouldn’t all fit in Sports so I had to put some in News too! (Actually, it was just poor planning!) Congratulations to all the basketball players, soccer players, and cheerleaders. You make Scripps Ranch proud!
  • Were you wondering what happened to the Heroes at the Symphony in the Park Concert on Sept. 9? Well, we were all a bit confused, but Tom Boyd explains it all on our website. Unfortunately, his article came in too late to be included in the Newsletter, but you can read all about it on the website.
  • Also please note that due to current events, the Miramar Air Show, scheduled for October, has been cancelled.
  • It’s time to start thinking about Recognition Night. It’s coming up in early December, but we need the names of people you would like to recognize by very early November. Please drop us a note at the address on the front cover, or simply send e-mail to [email protected]
  • Speaking of December, if you are looking for a terrific gift idea, the Women’s Club will be selling Scripps Ranch Christmas ornaments this year. Read their article in Organizations and stay tuned for more info.
  • Do you have info for our Religious Services section? Please be sure to note Editor Lynette Williams’ new e-mail address. See page 71.

It’s especially difficult this month to remain cheerful and optimistic, but I believe we must. Please raise your flags high and keep them flying, and be sure you never miss an opportunity to give your loved ones an extra hug and a kiss.

P.S. The Editor-in-Waiting is back at school!