Make Your Voice Heard

As the Newsletter cover indicates, if you want to keep the Marines at MCAS Miramar, vote “no” on Proposition A. If you want a commercial airport at Miramar, vote “yes.” Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Please be sure to make your voice heard and vote!

While I stay informed about community issues, I can tell you that I have learned a lot just working on articles about Miramar. Now, you too can learn even more by reading this month’s Special Report starting on page 8. Check out all the community leaders, officials, and groups opposed to Prop A and why.

Throughout the Newsletter, we encourage you to give the facts–not the public relations spin–to your family and friends throughout San Diego. This airport vote is countywide. To help you disseminate the facts, we are providing a flyer in this Newsletter. Please read it, then share it with others in the county.

On page 9, you will see a map that shows the Military Accident Potential Zones (APZ) if Miramar becomes joint use. Military aircraft would have to drastically change their flight paths if the airport became joint use. That would put many, many more homes in the APZ.

Special thanks to Dorothy Mildice, the Scripps Ranch/MCAS Miramar liaison, who researched and reported the articles on the airport issue. She is always there to be help be sure accurate information gets out to the community.

Another issue facing some Scripps Ranch residents is cell phone mini-towers that are going up in their neighborhoods. Read the in-depth report starting on page 25. Thank you to the residents who brought this to the community’s attention and made their voices heard.

You can help the community appeal a development project on Erma Road. It would severely impact traffic on Scripps Ranch Blvd. north of Mira Mesa Blvd. Turn to page 29 to learn more and to see how to make your voice heard.

It was Oct. 26, 2003 when the Cedar Fire tore through our community. As we approach the third “anniversary,” the good news is that 87% of homeowners have moved back home and 97% have permits to start rebuilding. It is truly amazing–but not surprising–that this community has come so far. In light of the outstanding progress, this is the last month the Newsletter will include the thermometer that measured the rebuilding process. Congratulations to all the fire survivors who are now back home.

The SRHS stadium project is complete. Thank you to all the donors, especially the major donors, who made this project a reality. It benefits so many in our community. Read more on page 19.

Don’t miss an opportunity to earn money for our schools and get some exercise at the same time. Check out page 21 for details about the Cush Legs for Literacy Fun Run.

Another event you won’t want to miss is the Miramar Ranch Elementary School Halloween Carnival. Details about this fun community tradition are on pages 44 and 45.

Yet one more way to help kids this month–buy a special edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune on Kids’ News Day. Page 71 has more information.

Do you have “stuff” you want to get rid of? Well, this month is the Community Garage Sale, followed by the Fall Clean-Up Day. Check out page 5 for details and contact information.

Finally, do you want to thank that awesome volunteer Safety Patrol leader at your child’s school or that amazing Pop Warner football coach? We have the perfect way to do that–nominate those volunteers for a special honor at Recognition Night. The nomination form is on page 7. Make sure your voice is heard saying a big thank you to our volunteers.

Gloria Tran, Editor