Gratitude Attitude

You’ve probably all heard that phrase, “gratitude attitude,” I think it’s from Sarah Ban Breathnach, or maybe Oprah. Makes no difference who said it; we just need to remember it. As we enter into this holiday season, let’s try to keep everything in perspective. Most of all, I hope the residents of Scripps Ranch will remember and give thanks for the many outstanding volunteers who give countless hours and talents to this community. Please remember the old adage: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Scripps Ranch is still facing some very difficult issues, and everyone’s help and understanding is needed.

When I stopped by to look at Dingeman Elementary’s fantastic new website, I found a quote that we should probably add to our masthead and that of each of the planning groups, schools, and traffic committees: “Where there is creativity, all things are possible.” It is difficult when surrounded by a lot of negativity and fear to avoid getting philosophical … I think that’s because in my heart, I know that what I do makes a difference.

What you do makes a difference too, so first and foremost this month: get out and vote! The ballot is long but please persevere and use your vote wisely.

If you ever wondered whether perseverance pays off, just talk to one of the hard-working SOS Ranch volunteers! Turn to pages 5 and 11 and read all about the good news they received on the rezone. However, this is no time to sit back and relax! It’s on to the Historical Committee on Friday, Nov. 17, to help preserve the Meanley Wall. Read more about this issue on page 5.

And then on to the next challenges: Sycamore Estates described on page 5, and the Shea Homes’ agreement with LA Fitness described on page 23. Again, your help is needed. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Nov. 21, and be sure to attend the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee meeting.

The Schools Forum on Tuesday, Nov. 14, is sure to be a lively meeting. Let’s all have a little chamomile tea with dinner, do some yoga, run a few laps, do whatever it takes to help you clear your mind, remain calm, and let the creative juices flow! Remember the quote from the Dingeman website: “Where there is creativity, all things are possible.” And if you haven’t yet read Spencer Johnson’s book, Who Moved My Cheese? I highly recommend you read it, cover to cover! Change is guaranteed, change is an ordeal, and improvement requires change.

After all this activism, you may need to relax with a walk in the park. I hope you’re a member of SRCA! If you are, you’ll be receiving the brand new Park and Trails map this month! Three cheers to Al Hofstatter and new resident Damian Roos for taking on and completing this massive project!

Another way to show your gratitude and hear some beautiful music, is to come and enjoy the Veteran’s Day Concern on Wednesday, Nov. 8. Vets and active military are encouraged to come in uniform. Get the details on page 11.

Have you been by the new fire station on Spring Canyon Road recently? It’s definitely starting to take shape! If you want to make your mark on Station #37, now is your chance. Design a tile that will be installed right next to the fire truck! It’s only $8 and what a memento of growing up in Scripps Ranch! Read all about it on page 11.

Speaking of mementos of growing up, I can see that the Rec Center already has become important to our two kids. Dances, basketball, and yoga. Are you enjoying all it has to offer? Turn to page 11 and read all about it!

Thank you, Scripps Ranch for another exciting and productive year! Have a peaceful Thanksgiving and remember that attitude determines altitude. How high can we soar?